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Five Hands Studio has been teaching students to fluently speak "music" for 3 decades. Students need balanced structure in their studies, as well as scales/chords/theory, and extra support when it's needed. We are a school that keeps track of your progress.

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At a young age, I heard pretty sophististicated music "in my head". So I studied piano and guitar. The "nuts and bolts" - reading notes, good technique, etc. - came very slowly to me. Quite frustrating. I worked very hard to get very little done - until I met a few incredible mentors. My practice time was cut into a quarter, and my results were ten-fold more than before. You couldn't have told me it was possible. Ever since then, I've LOVED helping other students take their problems apart and OWN the music! It's so much fun showing someone that "the impossible" is now easy!

My father had a business of his own, and I liked the way he could imagine possibilities, and then proceed to make them happen. He had a good talent for finding simple ways to solve common problems for others. His business was in cars, which was his main interest. So I did the same thing, but with music. I followed in his footsteps!

Because we are honest about what it takes to learn music. You don't learn it in "3 easy steps" or "90 days". It isn't like that. It's more of a life long love affair. It is our duty to prepare students for the music they'll be playing next year and beyond. This requires a balanced music curriculum, music method books, scales/chords/theory, and our teacher meetings where student progress is measured and recalibrated. However, with adults, we tend to develop a strategy that takes them more rapidly to their immediate goals. We tailor lessons to the individual student. This is our specialty. Having switched to online lessons, we have taken great care to keep our fingers on the pulse of how all our students are progressing, as well as what guidance they need. We are a music school with much support when you need it.


From classical to folk, pop, blues, and jazz. Even Cuban-influenced Latin-style guitar!

From the "basics" to advanced classical, blues, and jazz. Improv and composition, too!

Learn to sing well in many styles! Our voice teachers also sing in the CSO (Chicago Symphony Orchestra) chorus. They can help you with whatever you wish to be able to sing!