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There is so much more to fitness than just working out. It all comes down to three things, passion, motivation, and dedication. This is the standing ground on how Fitness Ascension helps to eliminate poor fitness and/or nutrition habits.

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18 August 2018

I’ve known Phil for two years. He has worked hard to continue his education and work on himself to be the best he can be for others. He never stops working, learning, and caring. I recommend Phil to people of all ages and fitness levels! More...

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They want to lose weight. Working with a trainer will keep you ‘on target’ and shedding those excess pounds quickly.

They find that they can’t focus on their workouts as much as they would like, so they need somebody there to provide them with motivation.

They have a specific goal in mind e.g. they wish to run a marathon, or just firm up their body a bit.

They want to ensure that they are working out correctly. This means that they do not have ‘poor form’ during their exercises.

There is no substitute for well planned, focused, consistent hard work. If you want to achieve your dream body, set your goals, and lay out a path of how you plan to achieve them. Put together your plan and understand what it’s going to take, and how you are going to change your lifestyle. Prepare yourself for possible setbacks, and set off to achieve your dream body step by step.

What I love most about my job is seeing the smiles I get to put on my client's faces. I like educating people on how they can prevent injury, work on strength and mobility and flexibility all through their program. I love seeing them accomplish their goals making sure they can build confidence to at some carry out their homework consistently on their own and on top of our 1 on 1 sessions. Being a former three-sport athlete has helped me to understand that it's important to have the longevity to do the things you want to do with your current lifestyle if I can help you build strength and educate you after you been in a few session with me that would be my goal for you. It's not about how much you can bench but rather how well you can do it! I love when I see my clients making steps forward in building strength and also have the ability to keep up with their kids or grandkids means a lot. I also love to see my clients still have their independence of strength and not having to rely on someone monitoring them 24/7

What had inspired me to start my personal training business was how I started as a personal trainer with a health club. I saw how they would treat their clients and set unrealistic goals that weren't measurable or even relevant to their current lifestyle and what they were truly looking for out of themselves. I want to provide and expertise to my clients so they feel safe and effective when going through their 1 on 1. I was a three-sport athlete so it was important for me to strengthen according to the sports that I played. I want to be able to help where ever is needed for the client. My goal for the client is to make sure they leave my sessions feeling educated and not overwhelmed when they leave. But feel motivated to carry out what we had started for years to come. I love health and wellness and I believe a holistic approach to that is key! I don't want my clients to think of feel like they cant do a workout based on past experiences they may have had with a previous trainer.Positive vibes are all im about!

My 1 on 1 Personal Training is best suited for all fitness levels. Recommended for anyone who is looking to target specific areas of the body. Key areas taken into account are genetics, activity level, any injuries, flexibility, age, diet, and, so much more. I pride myself on the coaching of your well-being both in and out of your workout schedule and program. You will gain full access to many proven techniques, not theories. Here at Fitness Accession, being fit and healthy is the ultimate goal.