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We ensure all deliverables are highly actionable, aligning brand strategy with business strategy to help organizations grow.

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84 customer reviews

22 October 2021

The first design crew has an abundance…
The first design crew has an abundance of field specialists in different languages like Node JS, PHP and more. The best trait of their work is keeping clients in the loop and explaining the technicalities that are part of the project. They designed a custom mobile application for my online trade. Both android and iOS apps are working fine, and I am able to achieve the set goals. Brand awareness has ascended as well. Fantastic team to work with! More...

8 October 2021

They were successful with the hybrid applications they designed for my company. I've also recommended their excellent services to some of my friends. I'm excited to collaborate with them again. Best wishes! More...

5 October 2021

They have some really nice and simple designs for your eCommerce operations. My logo was cute and polished, and it went well with my Amazon boutique.

1 October 2021

They did an excellent work and had me completely happy before submitting their final logo. We'd be delighted to work with them again.

27 September 2021

They did an excellent work and made me happy before submitting their final logo. We'd be delighted to work with them again.

23 September 2021

My digital marketing was handled by First Design Crew. They were flawless. Since they've been on board, I've been able to attract more customers, which has resulted in increased sales. Thank you so much, guys.

16 September 2021

When the other company's logo turned out to be wrong, after a lot of research, I found first design staff. The logo was given to me as I expected. I'm happy I've been working with them. Thank you. More...

13 September 2021

You've got a wonderful crew! Very skillfully. Very professional work. I would propose that they be supported by their social media management for everyone.

9 September 2021

With them, I had a nice experience. It was a simple and planned approach. I liked to work with them. Customer support answered your concerns quickly and timely communication of live updates.
Thank you so much for a nice experience.

7 September 2021

They've been excellent, I worked with these people. They've been working on my cards with me, and they've got us what they want. They were honest and courteous, shipping too quickly. More...

6 September 2021

Excellent customer care, endless service and communication. They gave me a wonderful logo design which beyond my expectations. In addition to the mainstream design industry, I would suggest their services. Many thanks. Thanks. First design team. First design crew. They are highly knowledgeable and dependable. More...

1 September 2021

As always, great work. First Design team is innovative and great to work with – we are fortunate to have discovered them. Thanks!

27 August 2021

David has done a fantastic job. He was really easy and could swiftly achieve the job with a spectacular finished effect. In future projects, I will certainly utilize Henry again More...

24 August 2021

They were an invaluable asset to our effort. They are problem solvers who pay close attention to detail, often enhancing the results beyond our expectations.

21 August 2021

Guys, you made an excellent first impression. At the same time, your services are both professional and fantastic. I'll return to get them as soon as possible. You get 5 stars!

17 August 2021

They built my website for me. For me, it's the perfect complement. Rates are reasonable, and the work is extremely innovative. Thank you very much, gentlemen. It comes highly recommended. More...

13 August 2021

My digital marketing was handled by First Design Crew. They were flawless. Since they've been on board, I've been able to attract more consumers, which has resulted in increased sales. Thank you very much, team.

11 August 2021

Because my former employer wrecked my ideas, I was hesitant to approach anyone. These men, on the other hand, were flawless. Thank you so much for your assistance. I'm really impressed. More...

10 August 2021

In general, working with First Design Crew has been a positive experience. For my services, I needed an explanation video. I discovered them online and called them thinking a legitimate business will have dedicated people who will take care of their customers over the phone. More...

27 July 2021

They were pleasant to work with. The procedure was simple and well-organized. It was a pleasure to work with them. Customer service was fast to respond to your questions and offer real-time updates.
Thank you for a wonderful experience.

12 July 2021

Their high level of assistance and great quality of work really attracted me to work with them again. Their designs are fresh and they always treat their customers professionally. I am highly satisfied with them.

8 July 2021

The previous company ruined my ideas so I was scared to approach anyone. But these guys were perfect. Thanks a lot for your services. I am very impressed.

2 June 2021

Got a first-class explainer video for the promotion of my new surgical instrument in the market.

8 May 2021

I have just received the best logo for my electronic shop.
Thanks for this creative design.

5 January 2021

I had a logo designed by this company. On the splash page it said if get 100% ownership rights with plus package. After design was finally finished they said I would have to pay a transfer of ownership fee of $389. Also, there was an additional fee 499.00 for nationwide copyright. None of these fees were detailed or explained on package. This is a perfect example of deceptive advertising. Buyer Beware!!! More...

4 January 2021

With their motion graphic services, it was easy to guide the audience with the help of it. Their animators have made it easy for me to communicate with the audience. Furthermore, I also opted for website development and their website developers provided me appealing website design that grab the audience’s attention. Hence, I am satisfied with their services, and will return with another project. More...

18 December 2020

I needed someone to make explainer videos for my brand. Luckily, I found them and they helped me gain customer retention. They helped me how to do it and thus I was able to gain traffic on my website.

8 December 2020

I came across First Design Crew through a friend of mine. Earlier, he availed video animation services on his brand through the website. He too recommended me to opt for video services, because I needed the same thing.

Upon visiting their website and initiated their chat session. I told them that I require video animation on my brand.

They who gave me all the information about the process done by their company. Also, Diego directed the team to work on the video, and they immediately started working on it.

After a week, the video was ready, and they forwarded it to me. They provided me with the responsive services on the first attempt, and I did not have to say a thing about the improvement to be made.

I will place another order shortly, and they were according to my liking. First Design Crew has become my first choice for online digital services and businesses for those who cannot find a reliable video animation company or a digital services provider.

6 October 2020

I believe there is not a better way to promote your business and explain the process than through whiteboard animation. This is what I learned the hard way with years of experience.

I realized that in order to promote your brand a whiteboard animation tool turns out to be effective. A friend of mine told me that he was using whiteboard animation services from First Design Crew. He convinced me to try them out and connected my call to David Mayer.

However, I was having second thoughts and out of desperation, I disconnected the call. However, he told me to trust him, nothing will go wrong. Then I redialled the call and David Mayer picked up the phone again on the phone. I asked him that I want an explainer video for my business.

David Mayer is a helpful man who guided me with all the process and informed we with all the issues discussed by their team of animators. They made use of all the latest graphics and texts that perfectly communicated the process.

I was happy once it was all said and done and this is a proof of their dedication and work ethic. Looking forward for more work in the future.

25 September 2020

Extremely talented and professional digital agency in terms of quality of work and sticking to timely deliver, most importantly understands well about client requirements.

18 September 2020

They had been a tremendous resource for our project. They are a problem solver and give meticulous attention to their work, in many cases improving the results beyond what we expected.

3 September 2020

They have a great designer with fresh, useful, and beautiful design. They helped us solve a number of complex UX and UI issues. It was great to work with First Design Crew. Great Experience! More...

18 August 2020

Good service, good product, good communication
I had a good experience with them. The process was easy and well-planned. I enjoyed working with them. Customer support was quick to answer your queries and share the live updates in a timely manner.
Thanks for a pleasant experience.

24 July 2020

I was looking for an agency that will create an eCommerce website for my grocery business. I talked with several agencies but chosen the First Design Crew. And I’m glad that I really chose them among others to do the website work for me.

Be it design, functionalities, and their customer support people, they all were good.

They were looping me at every stage of my project and I enjoyed working with them.

I recommend them!

21 June 2020

What an outstanding job with perfect swiftness, and the customer service is excellent. I am so satisfied by doing business with this organization. I am pleased with the web designs I got and thanks to the First Design Crew for their patients in the process of getting this completed. My organization is delighted with the work, and we will be coming back for more work. More...

18 May 2020

First Design Crew has an incredible team of skilled designers. Their team easily understood the idea for my logo design and created a logo for my company professionally and in a quick time. Every inquiry was responded well, and I got all the modification done on an instant basis. Everyone at my company loved the logo, and it perfectly represents the motive of our brand. I would highly recommend the First Design Crew to everyone who wants a stress-free and easy method for logo designing. More...

13 May 2020

Thank you David. I actually already recommended a friend to Henry. He was was extremely responsive and gave me design options to choose from - always happy to help and worked really fast. I would ask for certain specifics and integrations and he would be able to help. Definitely would recommend. More...

13 May 2020

David did a great job. He was extremely easy to work with and was able to get the job done quickly with an impressive final product. I will definitely use Henry again for future projects More...

29 April 2020

If you are looking for good video work, Henry Production is highly recommended by Lang Book Publishing. He did a great work on our book video advert.

28 April 2020

Henry was amazing. Very responsive and worked hard at all our different suggestions!

15 April 2020

Did an awesome job on a :60 explainer. It was a really-quick turnaround, and he hustled to meet each milestone. I hired him for his quality, and his work was better than I expected. Finally, the scope of the project changed partway through, and he was reasonable in working with me to renegotiate our terms. I'd definitely work with him again. More...

9 April 2020

Excellent job! Very quick, very pleasant to work with, the job was exactly what I wanted. They followed every direction that I gave them very closely. I will be working with Them again!

25 March 2020

I found Smith extremely easy to work with. He clearly understood my brief and was able to design logo based on my thoughts. I will work with David again on any future projects. More...

19 March 2020

It was a pleasure working with him. We had to wait for the landing page to be complete, in order to move on with the final video, and he was very accommodating and did an excellent job!

16 March 2020

Saimon was extremely quick, incredibly respectful, and a real professional - and offered multiple designs to choose from! His attention to detail was extraordinary, and the designs were clean, sophisticated and professional ! I couldn't believe how quick saimon and his team were - exceptional service! I would hire them again in a minute! More...

13 March 2020

Had a pleasure to work with Charlie. He made quick changes upon request and helped guide me through the process of design and feedback. I was not experienced at working with someone of his skill and he made this process smooth and fast. More...

9 March 2020

I love my new logo and the painless experience I had with First Design Crew. They were extremely prompt and communicative and meet all my needs above and beyond. I will be recommending them to any friends or family who are looking for professional work at a very reasonable price. More...