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We prepare the following basic estate planning documents:

Last Will and Testament, validly prepared and executed under Texas law
Statutory Durable Power of Attorney
Medical Power of Attorney

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Estate Planning is a wonderful privilege. I meet people at all levels of planning. I want each client to feel understood, and to understand both the purpose and the process of preparing their documents. Some clients come to the table with a clear idea of what they want their documents to convey; others are curious, but not as confident about the process. Several attorneys in this firm share their experience openly with one another to insure our clients receive superior service.

Friendly, informative, and patient! I believe it is an extraordinary privilege to be invited to help someone and their family.



Farrow-Gillespie Heath Witter LLP provides legal services and representation for all probate proceedings, including the following:

Probate of a valid Will (independent or dependent administration); Will contests; Trust modification; Trust litigation; Intestate (no Will) Representation, Heirship determination; Probate of Will as muniment of title

When an elderly or disabled person no longer has the capacity to care for himself or herself, or no longer has the capacity to handle his or her own finances, it is possible to petition the probate court to appoint a guardian for that person. A trusted individual may be appointed guardian of the person (with decision-making authority over the residence and care of the incapacitated person), the guardian of the estate (with control of the incapacitated person’s finances and business), or both.

Guardianships to protect the elderly and incapacitated are a core component of what we do. When a guardianship proceeding is amicable and agreed, we provide caring and efficient counsel. Guardianship proceedings typically take some time to be finalized, but in the event of imminent harm, a temporary immediate guardianship is available under Texas law.

In the event a trustee, an executor or any agent acting under a power of attorney, or any other fiduciary duty, engages in unauthorized conduct that benefits himself or herself, or otherwise does not carry out his or her duties appropriately, persons who have an interest in the principal’s estate (such as heirs at law or beneficiaries) may sue for breach of fiduciary duty and possible other causes of action. FGHW is experienced and effective in handling fiduciary litigation.

Farrow-Gillespie Heath Witter LLP provides the following legal services with regard to estates and estate planning:

Estate Planning; Estate Tax Planning; Asset Protection Planning; Family Foundations and Charitable Organizations