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Greetings! My name is Valerie and I'm a Confidence & Vitality Coach, Author, and Speaker.

I love helping full-time employees find the vitality and joy missing from their lives, connect to their passion and purpose while establishing vibrant habits and beliefs.

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6 November 2020

​I had problems with organization and creating boundaries. I was fearful and I had buried my desires and hopes. Valerie is a gifted coach. She is compassionate and patient. She allows her students to open up and speak from the heart and all the while she gently keeps you focused on your goals and desires. I learned to create boundaries for myself, and unearthed desires that had been dormant in my life and healed past hurts. Now I am on the other side of my desires and I feel lighter with greater focus. More...

6 November 2020

Valerie helped me pinpoint some of the reasons my exercise attempts have been unsuccessful. She really made me think about my excuses and more importantly my goals. The ideas she shared about ”Mindset to Minshift” helped to spark a change in the way I defined exercise which will eventually help me eliminate my excuses. More...

6 November 2020

I took Valerie’s workshop in November 2017 at Trans Lounge and I immediately felt something magical about her class. She made me feel comfortable to explore and express myself. Prior to coming to the workshop I’ve had some struggle with my body image and knew that having top surgery would help me but I thought it was financially impossible. So when Valerie asked in class what do we wish to happen in our lives, it took me a moment. But when I said it loud “Top surgery” I felt free and finished the class with a sense of accomplishment. Then a few weeks later, the miracle took place. I found out Cedars Sinai has just started a new program for transgender surgeries and my health insurance would cover for top surgery. When I researched in October this information was not available so I was really surprised. All the insurance paperwork went smoothly and I was able to have top surgery in March 2018. What I thought would be impossible became POSSIBLE in such a short period of time. I definitely believe Valerie’s dance workshop helped me break my limited thinking. Because of it I became open to receive all the resources necessary for my healing. I am so grateful, thank you Valerie!!! More...

6 November 2020

The qualities in Valerie that make her an appealing coach to work with: She isn't afraid to say confrontational things. She takes time to pause and check in with herself about the right question. She uses her intuition. She helps her client get to the deeper truth. She has a good mix of support/love and penetration. She helps you keep your focus on yourself. More...


I love "holding space." That's when the client feels safe, courageous, and open enough to share from their heart and the deepest part of their mind. No matter where the coaching session goes, the client trusts me to respect and cherish their life experience, desires, and insecurities. It is a gift and an honor to create the opportunity where this kind of intimacy occurs.

No jobs existed where I could combine my three loves: dancing, coaching, and inspirational speaking. And to do all that with a flexible schedule. I had been teaching dance and fitness classes for about five years so when I started Feel Good Kick Ass in 2015 , I focused on the Rock Your Life Dancshops - a personal development experience fused with a dance/fitness class.

I no longer teach dance or fitness classes publicly, so I've focused on the life coaching and public speaking branches of my work.

People who hire coaches tend to want two things: results and to feel heard. They want to take care of their heart AND their head. I am masterful at tending to your emotional and mental well-being while helping you step through your fears to create simple action steps that eventually result in desires and dreams fulfilled.

Yes. Remote sessions offered via telephone and ZOOM videoconferencing. If you opt to meet via ZOOM, I will send you your ZOOM link, meeting ID, and passcode after you book your coaching package.

My coaching sessions are now 100% virtual, via phone and ZOOM.


Have you been thinking about getting a life coach, but not entirely sure what it entails, what you really want, and how coaching will benefit you? This session is designed to address these concerns and to tailor the answers to your specific situation.

By the end of this session, you'll have a much clearer idea how coaching will (or won't) aid you in designing and experiencing a spectacular life. At the very least, we'll lay down some groundwork, or determine a game plan, that will best aid you in moving forward to a life that you love.

In this one-on-one 2-session package, you'll make significant strides towards becoming someone who confidently and consistently makes clear requests and says yes/no without wavering. We will uncover your thorniest communication challenges, whether personal or professional.

This is for you if you're someone who consistently asks others for permission then waits around while nothing happens. This is for you if you're great at speaking up for yourself with your boss and customer service agents, but you struggle with telling your friend to stop dumping her drama on you. This is for you if you struggle with sharing your ideas at work or for having that tricky conversation with your boss. Each day that passes when you don't say something, you feel like you're dying inside while also keeping lots of money on the table. Ultimately, this is for you if you have a hard time speaking up to say what you need and want to say. Your session includes an Assertiveness Assessment, Healthy Communication Goal-Setting, Confident Speaking Tips and Tools, and Implementation Role Play. I've successfully taught this class to small groups (max. 20 participants) so I've decided to offer this as a private one-on-one experience where we'll go deeper and cover more ground with your communication challenges and soon-to-be successes.

Package available via ZOOM.

Consider this your self-care overhaul. Do you connect with the word “self-care”? Do you have a clear understanding of what it is and what it isn’t? Have you fashioned a self-care practice that fuels you being a confident and assertive woman living her dreams? During this engaging and interactive master session, you will explore how to REVIVE your connection to self-care; JUMPSTART your self-care practice; DISCOVER the difference between self-care, self-pampering, and self-indulgence; and IDENTIFY new self-care actions you can commit to immediately. You’ll receive a PDF guide outlining the 5 keys (a quick and easy read) and you’ll receive the accompanying worksheet that we’ll go through together on the call. Session available via ZOOM.

Schedule your 30-45 min complimentary session to discover which package is right for you.