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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


At Explendid Videos, we have a team of creative animators who create captivating videos using their knowledge and years of expertise.

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8 October 2021

For my YouTube food vlog, I needed an explainer video. EV created a video that was well-defined. Even in the start of my food vlog, it allowed me to reach out to a large number of people.

5 October 2021

The whiteboard animations and sparse screen cast drew all the attention to my animation's debut. Experts in the EV platform are greatly appreciated.

30 September 2021

I had a video made for a website for private work, and it turned out fantastic. It was my first time working with them, and they were dependable. I'd try them again. Great job.

27 September 2021

It's beautifully crafted! Explendid Videos provided me with a 2D animation. The soundtrack is my favorite element of the video. It has shown to be quite beneficial to potential customers. You did an excellent job. More...

23 September 2021

This is the place to go if you're looking for the best stories board script writing services available. Their scriptwriters and brilliant brand narrative left me speechless. For your online company ventures, excellent corporate videos are available. More...

16 September 2021

I'm speechless to those guys who have provided me the wonderful animated video clips. Excellent Videos Thank you for the addition to the previously lifeless e-commerce domain of animated souls (graphics).

13 September 2021

With my project I'm happy I appreciate the vivid colors and audacious characteristics. I suggest EV to our friends thanks for your finest efforts.

7 September 2021

I wanted an explainer video for my YouTube food vlog. EV developed a well-defined video. It allowed me to reach to so many users even at the beginning of my food vlog.

3 September 2021

I love the 3D animation they did for my youtube channel. It looks so interactive. Great job, guys!

24 August 2021

It is simple to communicate a message to the target audience using 3D animation. Stunning films were a huge help in boosting our brand's image.

13 August 2021

I had a video made for a website for personal use, and it turned out well. It was my first time working with them, and I found them to be trustworthy. I'd give them another shot. You did an excellent job. More...

12 August 2021

I got in touch with different video production companies and saw their portfolios too. Finally, decided to work with Video Pixelz as their portfolio was the best and their rates were lower. I had an excellent working experience with them. More...

3 August 2021

The 3D animated video they designed for me was awesome. I loved the colour scheme and the graphics were awesome. Thank you.

30 July 2021

I got the best cartoon animations and my students are loving them. Thank you Videos Pixelz for your prior services.

27 July 2021

I have discovered a professional way to educate my target audience through screencast videos. I found their team competent enough to create videos online.

23 July 2021

The explainer video created by Explendid Videos is fantastic and exactly what I was searching for. I'm delighted I found them because they'll be perfect for any future animation projects I have. Furthermore, their support service was incredibly polite and accommodating in listening to my requests and making modifications as needed. More...

20 July 2021

I got a 3D animated video designed from Splendid Videos and it was engaging and informative. It did the job of conveying the message to the consumer really well. Thanks, guys!

13 July 2021

I got a video produced for a website for private work and it turned out great. It was my first time with them and they are reliable. I would try them again. Great job.

8 July 2021

They designed the best Cartoon animations and whiteboard animations for my website. Video quality is exceptional and my clients are loving it.

6 July 2021

Nicely done. Video edits were carried out with dedication. Love the results. Recommended.

30 June 2021

Their video animation team is highly responsive. I got a whiteboard animated video made by them and they did an excellent job with it.

22 June 2021

Video quality is just amazing. Didn’t expect it to look this way, I am happy for choosing you people as my saviour!

18 June 2021

Remarkable videography. You people are deadlines oriented and I love how spot-on whiteboard animation was. 5 stars for your team!

11 June 2021

"The Explendid Video team not only completed a clip quickly and they actually surpassed the hopes. I would like to collaborate on many interesting potential projects.

9 June 2021

Extraordinary whiteboard animations and 3d Logo design implemented with GIF-type animation were killing it. I like the whole concept the team at Explendid videos discussed with me. I will work with you in future too. Thanks to the whole squad for revamping by business with implausible touches. More...

8 June 2021

Their explainer videos are pretty handy and they helped me to get a reach to my target audience. It was a great experience with them. Thankyou.

3 June 2021

Their Voice overs have given a new life to my animated videos. They are real and they offer so many other services too which, you can avail online.

19 December 2020

Whiteboard animation proved vital for the business; I found out first hand when I contacted Explendid Videos for a whiteboard animation.
Their team provided me great help and support for my business through these videos.
With these whiteboard animations, I can easily send a message to the right people interested in my products.

19 December 2020

With 3D animation, it is easy to send a message across to the target audience. Explendid videos were a great help to boost our brand image.

8 December 2020

They created an amazing 3D animated video for my business. They took the time to make my 3D video and listen to our feedback to get us the script we wanted and the final video we were seeking. Overall, they provide high-quality work, but there were a few communication issues due to work. More...

6 October 2020

They did a fantastic job with our Explainer video with an incredibly fast turnaround. Exceptional quality of work, fast delivery and great communication!

25 September 2020

I have been searching for video production websites to create short animated videos for my projects, and reliably, I was not impressed by any of them until I came across Explendid Videos. The kind of projects that I work with, it is difficult to gain and hold people’s attention, but you guys have made it conceivable for me to explain my projects like interesting stories easily and quickly that remain in the mind of viewers.

I would recommend this site as an apparent choice for individuals who are looking to get the word out about their gray projects through inspired, amazing, short videos.

3 September 2020

I approached them for a five 60 seconds 2D, video project, my expectations were high and like other businesses, I was willing to get the best. They delivered my project in an agreed time frame and they were updating me on all the achieved milestones. Yes, I gave them a few modifications, but they haven’t charged any additional cost to me. Their deadlines and support are too good to be true. Thank you for this work, I would recommend them and appreciate their efforts. More...

18 August 2020

I contacted them to create a motion graphics video for my brand. As all the brands were stepping forward by creating appealing videos for their products, my partners decided to hire a team that can do the same for us.

I went on Google and found multiple teams, but we shortlisted Explndid Videos. We shared them with sample videos and detailed descriptions of our products. They created a script in a day and sent it to us, after finalizing they went about the creation process where my project they were sending all the live updates of our project on a daily basis.

We LOVED all the videos and now we have decided to create 2D and 3D videos with them.

Now I prefer Explendid Videos for all my content and videos need.

7 July 2020

The explainer video Explendid Videos have produced is amazing and exactly the way I was looking for. I’m glad; I found them as they are the best fit for any of my future animation projects. Besides, their support staff was very friendly and tolerant to hear and make revisions as per my request. More...

3 July 2020

I was looking for 3D animation for one of my recent projects, and I contacted Explendid Videos for the first time. I’m glad to say that I’m delighted with their support staff and the work I received. I have decided to contact them for any of my future projects, and I will also recommend my friends. More...

2 July 2020

I would recommend Explendid Videos to everyone who is looking for great animation work because they have got an incredibly talented team. They are exceptional to convert basic ideas into productive and professional animation that garbs absolute attention. More...

29 June 2020

I’ve found Explendid Videos a reliable company with which you can do business without stressing over anything. They have great talent in their 3D animation team, and they can execute tricky tasks. They are easy to understand your initial concept and capable to transform into the animation that represents your style. More...

21 June 2020

Kelvin is an excellent animator and graphic designer. He 'got' what we needed and turn around a high quality product in the specified time frame. Highly recommended and we look forward to working with him more in the future. More...

19 June 2020

Working with Explendid Videos was a great experience. From story-boarding to the transitions to the visual elements that were used in the video, everything was perfect.

18 June 2020

These guys are highly professional along with top-notch work delivery, I love their customer support. I will definitely recommend them.

18 June 2020

Explendid videos have done such an excellent job with my project. The communication is great, and the time of delivery is great as well.

18 June 2020

It has been a pleasure to work with the Explendid Videos team. They started out by getting a full understanding of our product and the challenge we wanted to resolve. They were always quick to respond and found the perfect balance between bringing their own ideas to the table and incorporating ours. More...

18 June 2020

Explendid Videos has transformed the video content on my website, and it has been a great support for the growth of my business. Highly recommended to those who are not aware of the wonders of good video animation. More...

18 June 2020

We have used this team before and are very pleased with the quality of the product and the response from the production team. We will use them again and highly recommend them to anyone else looking for a video production & promotion. More...

3 December 2019

I am honestly quite happy and impressed by the excellent services of Explendid Videos USA. My company was seeing declining sales and wanted to change things around and spend time utilizing social media platforms. We needed enthralling and amazing videos, and Explendid Videos USA delivered some terrific content for us, which is received well among online users. I would surely recommend their services to others. More...

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