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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Evolution Solutions is a company that offers private and small group coaching, and corporate coaching and workshops.

The bulk of my work is coaching individuals and small groups with the goal of taking their lives to an entirely new level of success.

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11 August 2021

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5 September 2019

I enjoyed the experience with Judy tremendously. I would highly recommend her and the Dream Builder program. I will be working on and practicing the concepts that I learned and applying them to my life.

27 June 2019

Life Coaching

Just starting a three month journey.

26 June 2019

Life had gotten comfortable but something didn't feel right. Thanks to Judy I am moving again toward a life that excites me. She provided the right guidance at the right time - a crucial skill for success. More...

8 May 2019

Things are going crazy good for me. My business is growing. I now have a sales persons, a paint tech, two vans, and am now hiring more technicians. I also have two apps about to launch, one you know about, Nudge, and the other is for the car business. I’m also about to publish a book, that will be in alignment with the Nudge app.

These are very exciting times. Thanks so much for helping launch this awesome life. :D

18 November 2018

Life Coaching

Judy is an AMAZING Coach! 3 days after the initial Discovery Call, BAM! Money Manifestation! I'm not kidding, I've heard of this happening to other people, but it happened for ME, after 1 call with Judy. Incredible! She is professional, she makes herself available and she knows what she is doing.

27 October 2018

Judy is great. She helped me see that it's possible to get to "I love my life", which was new for me. I loved the program and felt real support and caring from Judy the entire way through the program. I feel like I've expanded my view of life and my possibilities. I highly recommend. More...


Watching my clients delight and surprise themselves with their own capabilities to create what they truly desire. They absolutely come alive as they awaken their passion and start living on purpose!

One client who dreamed of moving to NYC from Los Angeles and starting a career in a field of his greatest passion (but one where he had little experience) was able to accomplish his dream in 5 months.

Another client desperately seeking to leave Corporate America to pursue her creative interests, was able to write and publish a best-selling book on relationships and then start a relationship-coaching career to fulfill her greatest dreams!

Another client had always wanted to find the love of his life and before the program was finished was able to remove his self-imposed obstacles to attract his dream lady!

In addition, there is nothing more rewarding than observing clients move from struggle, self-doubt, and fear into empowerment, confidence, and ease. And knowing that they come away with a life-long skill set that they can apply to their next goals and dreams. The other exciting part of my work is to see their relationships, both personal and professional, grow as a natural extension of their increased self-awareness and level of joy and fulfillment with themselves and their lives.

I spent 20 years in Corporate America as a Corporate Trainer and Project Manager consistently working 60 – 80 hour weeks. All the while coaching individuals and groups on the side whenever I could fit it in, as this was my true passion. At that time, I held a limiting belief that you couldn’t do something you loved AND make money and be successful, which is why I stayed in a Corporate job as long as I did.

Because I continued to burn the candle at both ends, life gave me a few wake up calls (health scares) that took me out of work for some time, but I always pushed myself, thinking…this is how life works and I just needed to “get over it” and get back to work A-S-A-P!

The final wake up call came when my father phoned me to tell me he had been diagnosed with ALS or Lou-Gehrig’s disease, a horrific neuromuscular condition that affects the communication between the brain and the muscles in the body. At that point, I finally woke up, quit my job and moved back to California to help take care of my dad.

And that was a decision that probably saved my life. Once I arrived back in California, I decided to pursue coaching full time, as it would both enable me the flexibility to be with my dad whenever I wanted to and also would provide me a means to support myself. I was determined to set my business up with all of the proper certifications and training to be as powerful and effective as possible, so I went through a rigorous certification program to become a Life Mastery Consultant and my company Evolution Solutions was born!

Three things set my coaching apart from others: (1) having a 30-year tested, repeatable, reliable step-by-step system for clients that is easy, fun, and results-focused (2) The outcomes clients achieve are two-fold in that they not only experience the results they are seeking, but also experience themselves in much greater ways, tapping into their own personal power and potential (3) The passion that I have for the work that I do. I take my years of experience teaching, speaking and coaching, and combine that with the care that I have for all those I work with, tailoring my coaching to the specific needs of each individual I serve.