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Everyday Circus

St. Louis, Missouri


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28 February 2012

EverydayCircus... because a circus should be an every day activity.This company seriously rocks. When I called to inquire about entertainment for the Black & Red Ball, Karen took down the info and got in touch with me immediately the next morning. She said she was sending a stilt walker & juggler, and naturally, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The part that cracked me up the most was when I asked for the entertainer's first and last name in order to have it on hand for the venue, the answer I got was "Casey the Entertainer." Is "The Entertainer" his last name? When he was born, using the middle name Michael as an example, was "Casey Michael The Entertainer" listed on his birth certificate? Circus folks are such a funny breed!Casey T.E. showed up in plenty of time, and to my surprise was donned in black & red to fit the theme, which i thought was so thoughtful. He hopped right up on his giant stilts and made the way around the party with his light up rings! What i loved about him was that he felt totally natural and confident, so he didn't just stay where I suggested, he literally walked around everywhere. He also let one of our yelpers juggle (shoutout to Hao!) which was so much fun! I could not have asked for a more quality entertainer.Definitely give them a call if you need any sort of entertainment. They're a little on the pricey side (okay maybe a lot) but in my experience, it's worth it! More...

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