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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Ernieseliteteam offers a way to lose weight and get into the best shape you can be! Ernies experience and guidance plus his way of adjusting diets and workouts to make sure they fit your needs that most don't do! No boring diets or fad diets!

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22 October 2018

Im totally stoked to work with you....i cant wait to step on stage next year. You are awesome.

20 October 2018

I highly recommend Ernie. He has many years of experience and has worked with anybody including those with health conditions and or food allergies

17 August 2018

Ernie is a fabulous trainer! I look forward to seeing him and he has some killer workouts! He always knows whats best for his clients!

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17 August 2018

Love training with his team! Great works and good nutrition help.

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17 August 2018

He is ecelente trainer and great person!
Takes care on everything!

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my clients achieve their goals by doing what they are ask to do! listening, learning and asking questions, With my uncanny ways of diets and knowing how to change it and making them believe is half the battle!!

Secrets!! there are no secret diets or workouts! just the desire to be and do your best!

What I love best of my job? watching that smile on there face after a 8-10 week diet and being there for them all the way! When that happens it's the best feeling a trainer can receive !

I'm a Veteran and After my duty I just wanted to do something to help others!! It has never been me but all of them!! believing in me is half the battle, believing in themselves is worth all I put into it

I believe that I give my all to make sure my clients are connecting with me and hope the can see and feel that I care for them and want to help them and if they believe in me that is half the battle!!


I offer clients online training for those of you who live out far from my address! It's call instate online training or for those who live out of Arizona as I have 27 online clients who live outside the Phoenix area or out of Arizona! I have many who live out of Arizona and are doing great!! let me know and I'll tell you what I have to offer !