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Through life coaching and professional development workshops Eric Sargent Coaching supports mission-driven people to build thriving careers and personal lives. We have been offering life coaching, career coaching, and leadership coaching services since 2018 and emphasize a method of coaching that empowers people to learn skills so that they can move beyond internal limitations and make difficult decisions with ease.

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I enjoy supporting people to move from a place of overwhelm to clearly seeing their next steps. It is incredible to play a small part in people's lives to help them remove the fog that is getting in the way and to express their unique interests and qualities. It is amazing to watch the people I work to accomplish things like writing books, starting businesses, and joining movements. I have benefited tremendously from coaching and I am grateful to pass on these resources to others.

In 2016, I was stressed, burnt out, not sleeping well at night and confused about how to navigate myself in the context in a new role as a Non-Profit manager. I was working on developing a job skills program for AmeriCorps members and barely knew what I was doing in my own job. Looking for resources I found coaching. After 6 months of coaching, I changed the way I approached conversations with my boss, set clear goals for my work with my team, made a plan for regularly working out, and saved the necessary money to take a trip to surprise my mom for her Birthday. Making the decision to hire a coach to navigate that time was one of the most valuable and important decisions I made. After experiencing these results I was interested to learn more about how to apply the resources I was learning to my team and train others. I signed up for a 4-day-long training program to begin that journey. When I returned from the program I saw that providing these tools to others was something that I wanted to do on a wider scale. I created a transition plan, moved to part-time, signed up for a coach training program, and started Eric Sargent Coaching. I am honored and humbled to be of service to others through coaching and it would be a privilege to support you along your journey.

My approach to coaching honors the wholeness and integrity of each person and supports their development so that they can move beyond internal limitations and navigate external obstacles. I am a trained coach through the Academy of Coaching Excellence, an accredited coaching school by the International Coaching Federation. As a coach I don’t give advice, rather, I provide a supportive space that guides you to consistently act from your own wisdom. The material and resources I use is based on the study of neuroscience and organizational and human development principles.


Through career coaching, we support you to gain clarity in what they want and develop a roadmap for getting there. Whether you are transitioning careers, graduating from school, or looking to level up in your current role we will work together to navigate the challenges you are facing and move closer to the vision you want to achieve for your career.

Through life coaching, we support you to develop skills to reframe your current patterns, move beyond your worries, and achieve goals your with ease. In our one-on-one sessions, we will look at what matters to you in your life, develop a blueprint to focus your energy, and discover your own unique set of standards for acting in integrity with your values.

Through leadership coaching, we support you to gain skills to respond to the challenges you are facing in your organization. Together we will create a pathway for you to develop skills for communication, decision making, and empowering others.