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325 Riverside Avenue, Roseville, CA, USA

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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


I am a certified personal trainer with 17 years experience working with individuals in gym, home and clinical settings. I work out of MAP Training and provide a safe and effective experience using the latest techniques in sports and rehabilitation science.

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3 January 2023

Personal Trainers

I have been fortunate to train with Eric for a little over a year and he has helped me get back into shape, close the gap between my abs because of childbirth and feel overall better. He is very knowledgeable, kind and great at his job. So great, that most of my family also trains with him - he is the best. I really like how he supports us each differently and customizes the experience for what we need. He cares and helps push you to meet your goals if you are focused. My mom who is in her 60s is noticing how nice it us to have more muscle to help support herself. While my dad can now do 4-5min planks and my husband is the strongest he has ever been. This is all thanks to Eric. His ability to work with all different ages with a variety of issues is incredible. If you need help getting back in shape or need a trainer - call/text Eric. More...

14 June 2022

Personal Trainers

I’ve lived a pretty active lifestyle most of my life, mostly running. My girlfriend wasn’t as active and I wanted her to have a healthier lifestyle so I took it upon myself to find a professional trainer that would help her fall in love with working out.

We found Eric on Oct of 2021 and chose to work with him because his description met the needs we were looking to meet. He incorporated weight training with cardio which we both had an interest in.
He was professional, punctual and flexible with our busy schedules. It was also extremely helpful that he brought all the equipment. All we had to do was follow his clear instruction. I look forward to working with Eric for years to come.

If you’re looking for someone who will work with you wherever you are in your fitness journey, or if you’re just beginning this journey, Eric is the way to go!

14 June 2022

I’m a mom of 4 who struggled to lose weight after each baby. I tried every fad diet, never had any interest in working out, bought workout equipment that was really just used as clothing racks. I had given up and convinced myself that it was time to have a surgery and reward myself with a mommy make over, but my daughter and boyfriend encouraged me to try hiring a professional prior to doing that.

On my birthday last year 2021 I decided to seek professional help and hire someone who could help me reach my goal of living a healthier lifestyle to be able to enjoy my kids and grandkids.
I was skeptical about having a male trainer, or really any trainer at all as I was super insecure about not having any prior experience with an active lifestyle and also having really bad knee pain.

Eric was extremely professional from the start and it was easy to feel comfortable around him while being challenged to do things that I’ve never done. He was patient, kind and gave clear instruction. As fearful as I was to further injure my knee, Eric reassured that we would take things slow and that I was boss.

I have lost over 20 pounds working with Eric but more than that, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, physically, mentally and emotionally. The weight loss has just been cherry on top of a great personal trainer/client relationship. Eric is worth the investment and I’d recommend him to anyone looking to make a healthy change in their lives!

14 January 2022

Personal Trainers

Eric is extremely knowledgeable and fits perfectly with my needs. I have Lupus so I need someone who knows about my type of autoimmune diseases.

22 November 2021

Personal Trainers

Eric is motivating, knowledgeable,
and a joy to work out with! He comes to our home with equipment at the ready and has a customized plan for my husband and I.
I highly recommend Eric to amateurs and athletes. He’ll get you to your goal!

1 November 2021

I was referred to Eric by a co-worker. My balance was disrupted from a Traumatic Brain Issue (TBI) in 2020 and my physical therapy was not helping. In the two months I have been working with Eric, I have experienced substantial recovery in my balance and strength. He understands how the body and brain work together which has helped in regaining my confidence and ability! And Geez I am strong :). Thanks Eric. More...

22 August 2021

Personal Trainers

Outstanding! Eric has the ability to understand the unique needs of his clients & customize to their individual need. Highly recommend!

6 June 2021

Personal Trainers

Interviewed several trainers. Decided to hire Eric. Looking forward to starting.

2 May 2021

Personal Trainers

Eric is a great trainer. He listens, plans and implements a great workout

25 April 2021

Working with Eric has been better for me than physical therapy. I'm middle-aged with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition that can interfere with physical fitness, and Eric not only knows how to tailor the workouts to my issues, he has techniques to decrease my muscle pain, which obviously improves the quality of my workout.

With fibromyalgia, movement helps ease the pain, which is great, except that for me, it feels so good that I tend to overdo it and end up too sore to move later on. Eric's guided workout regimen and gentle reminders to not push myself too hard help keep me from that extreme post-workout soreness.

He created a basic routine that's easy enough for me to do on my own, and then has a variety of interesting and fun things that get me moving without it feeling too much like work.

His ability to tailor a session to my limits is not specific to my fibromyalgia. His questions are more than politeness. He pays attention to what I say and adjusts as we go through our session, but still manages to gently push when I need it, and his encouragement feels truly genuine, which makes me feel less silly as I awkwardly try new movements, or don't feel like I'm doing enough.

He does this all with a quiet, calming demeanor that put me at ease almost instantly that first day. It can be intimidating to work with a physical trainer, especially in a gym, but I've always felt comfortable since day one. Eric has that down-to-earth energy that makes it easy to talk with him, like no question is too embarrassing. You can tell he's there to help you as you get started helping yourself. His rates are very competitive and his time and knowledge is worth more than every dollar spent.

10/10 Highly recommend!

30 March 2021

I have been training with Eric for two years now and his focus on restorative training has helped me get back to normal post back injury. His attention to what your body is telling you has helped to focus on imbalances in my muscle strength. He truly listens to his clients and works based on your needs and goals. Highly recommend. More...

13 March 2021

Personal Trainers

He was friendly, easy to relate to, and listened to all of my stories and concerns. He was enthusiastic and made me feel confident that all my goals would be met. He is very knowledgeable, and I feel like I’m in good hands. More...

9 February 2021

Eric is a great Personal Trainer. He's very knowledgeable in both theory, techniques and a quick eye on analyzing what you're doing and how to improve it. Eric has been my PT for about two yrs and also now my HS son & his HS buddy's PT for about 1yr. We highly recommend Eric's services to anyone who'd like a Personal Trainer More...

8 February 2021

I’ve been working with Eric for several months. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He is also great working with my 13 year old daughter as well

7 February 2021

Eric is a great man who always encourages you to do your best, even if you think that you already are.

7 February 2021

I’ve working with Eric for about 2 years. He had been awesome at find ways around old injuries and helped me strengthen those areas to prevent reinjury. I’m a lot stronger than when we started. The best is Eric’s flexibility. When things closed down for COVID, Eric came to my house and brought the workout to me! He is always flexible to find times that work with my schedule and super kind to my kids, who like to hang out during the workout. He keeps me motivated and makes it easy to stay engaged developing my muscles. More...

28 January 2021

Eric really takes time to listen to what you’re wanting to do. I have a slight restriction, however he is the best at making sure I do the workout correctly and safely.
I can honestly say I would recommend him every time.

28 January 2021

I see Eric every week, twice a week for work out sessions. He's an amazing trainer who adjusts to his customers needs yet still pushes them to do better. When working out with Eric I feel comfortable, confident, and more enticed in not only working out better but being better. Hes an amazing trainer and I couldn't ask for anyone better. 10/10. More...


A healthy diet is the one element that cannot be ignored when attempting to change your body. Eating a clean and nutritious diet will speed up the body changes that you are working so hard for. Combining a healthy diet with regular exercise is they key to attaining fitness goals. In my opinion, changing unhealthy eating behaviors is more affective at increasing one's health and wellbeing.

We first establish tangible fitness goals and create a realistic timetable for fitness progression. I then address any past/current injuries that need to be rehabilitated. This is key to prevent future injury that will interfere with our fitness timetable. We create a nutrition plan tailored to your likes and dislikes. My goal is to introduce healthier alternatives to your everyday eating habits that you will enjoy. I then create an individualized fitness program that includes all areas of fitness. They are Flexibility, Core, Balance, Agility, Resistance and Cardio Respiratory Training.

In my opinion the secret is discipline and determination. The "Convenience" of everyday life has created a sedentary lifestyle. Combine a sedentary lifestyle with fast, convenient, high calorie eating habits and person can find themselves overweight and unhealthy very quickly. It takes a lot of disciple to prepare your meals and not eat out during the work day. It takes a lot of determination to wake up early to exercise before work or go to the gym after when your are exhausted. Discipline and determination is what it takes to attain any dream in life.

During the session there is a point when the workout is flowing. The transitions between exercises is smooth and the communication between my client and I is clear and understood. At that moment my client is determined to finish at their best ability and the workout flows like music. Like music, exercise is art and I have to be creative and imagine a routine. I have to picture the workout, write it down and perform. The art of training is what I love most about my job.

Yes, I can provide my services online and remotely. I train at MAP in Roseville but I also train clients at their homes. I have all the necessary equipment to provide you with the same workout experience you would have at a gym. My equipment is new, clean and easy to set up and transport. I have a mobile squat rack, 45lb Olympic Barbell, 300lbs of plates, 20lb smaller barbell, adjustable dumbbells' up to 50lbs and another set up to 24lbs, adjustable kettlebell up to 40lbs, 2 benches, plyo-box up to 24in, agility ladder, battle rope, various resistance bands, med balls, stability balls and thigh bands. This equipment takes me 10 mins to unload and set up. When I train at my client's home I have set up in a driveway, garage, back patio and living room. We don't need a lot of space to make a great workout happen.

I have always kept my gear clean and sanitized. I use Lysol disinfectant spray and wipes on all surfaces of my equipment. I sanitize before and after each session. I monitor my temperature daily and take my clients temperature before our workout with a contactless infrared thermometer. In addition, I wear a mask during the training session.


My program consists of 4 phases.
Phase 1-Corrective Exercise, Phase 2-Endurance and Stability, Phase 3 -Muscle Strength and Hypertrophy
Phase 4-Power. Each Phase consists of flexibility, core, balance, agility, plyometrics, resistance and cardio respiratory training. We will spend 4-6 weeks in each phase focusing on form and progression until full potential is achieved.

Much of our daily routine leads to muscle imbalances resulting in persistent pain and discomfort. I will focus on stabilizing the joint using Myofascial Release techniques, static stretching and corrective exercises. Correcting the muscle imbalance will result in pain relief.