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Improve Capacity
All clients will begin with a functional movement screen to assess for movement discrepancies. If any are found, you will the get a custom warmup and corrective exercises to improve your movement quality. This will be done on a regular basis to continuously raise your capacity for performance adaptations.

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I focus on functional movement and strength and conditioning. I start by doing a movement screen, looking for any areas that need addressed. If any are found, I program correctives to create optimal movement patterns. We can then add strength and performance on top of the new patterns. This creates a strong foundation and helps improve overall performance.

Time, your results will not come quickly. You need to be patient and trust the process. Hard work, your results will not come easy. If they did, everyone would have their dream body. You have to want it more than the obstacles in your path. Commitment, your results will not be linear. You will have highs and lows. You will need to stay committed to your goals and remember what you are working towards.

Helping people live better and healthier lives. I love the feeling of watching someone improving. You get to see first hand how hard work and commitment can change their lives. Being able to help them create new habits and learn a healthier lifestyle is hard to beat. I love it!

I have enjoyed working for most of my employers. But, there is always one or two thing I want to do differently then them. I can give better and faster services to my clients without having to jump through hoops for the higher ups.

I do all my training online. We use a combination of programing and video training

I have moved from in person training to virtual training.