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Keizer, Oregon, USA

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We offer hypnotherapy, NLP, life coaching, business coaching, health coaching, meditation, guided imagery, and stress reduction tools for local clients as well as globe clients. We have over 1,000 mp3 audio recordings online, we create professional custom audio recordings as well as hypnotherapy programs.


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26 May 2018

Started working with Kerie a couple of months ago and HIGHLY recommend. She has been doing this for a long time and knows how to help you in any area of your life. Already see so much change in my life with less anxiety and really excited to seeing myself grow even more in the near future. More...

26 May 2018

I recently had Kerie make a custom hypnotherapy recording for me. I chose my three topics of concentration and she perfected the recording with precision and detail. Kerie is extremely talented and gifted in her profession. I will most certainly be in contact so as to welcome additional positive changes and suggestions within my life. Thank You Kerie. More...

26 May 2017

Kerie Logan has helped me begin to be mindful with my thoughts and emotions (weeding out my garden) for the better. To stay in the present moment. I have benefited most from the audio recording panic attacks from the app called guided mind where I came across her. To begin to reverse the fear of panic. I have also benefited from the self acceptance meditation. Kerie is warm and comforting and takes you to a Place of peace within yourself and clearly has a heart for people! More...

26 May 2017

My experience with Kerie at Empowered Within was nothing short of fabulous. Completely professional, caring and compassionate. If you are looking for healing guided Hypnosis I whole heartedly recommend Empowered Within More...

26 May 2017

I have been listening nightly to Karie's meditation recordings for over 8 years now, her voice is so relaxing and calming . When my son was sick she helped me to be at peace with him passing away. You can find free videos on you tube to get you started and she has so many recordings to cover any of your needs. I highly recommend listening to her recordings, it has helped me so much in many different ways . I would not be the person today that i am without her help and support. More...

26 May 2017

Empoweted Within is a very easy website to navigate. The site and it's contents has helped me get through some difficult issues and difficult times in my life. The website offers a variety of resources, on s variety of subjects. Keri Logan through her words projects, professionalism, care, and concern that only someone who loves and cares about what she is doing and the clients she is helping. I would recommend the website to anyone I know who would need what it has to offer. More...

26 May 2017

Kerie is amazing and really fantastic. She's intuitive, a great listener, and gives you powerful new ways to improve your life. I highly recommend her. :)

26 May 2016

Great results! I am very happy with the experience, and now have many new tools to take with me. I highly recommend Empowered Within Salem Hypnosis.

26 May 2016

Highly impressed with the knowledge and experience the owner has for their craft. They have a true passion for what they do and makes your outlook on life so much more positive. It has been an awesome learning and healing experience. Worth every penny spent and I shall recommend this service to all my friends! More...

26 May 2016

WOW. Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend to anyone curious in hypnotherapy. The owner helped me learn more about hypnosis and more importantly myself. Truly worth the money and i will definitely be coming back. More...

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Supporting people in transforming their lives and overcome their limitations. I love hearing how people are living a better life.

Actually it was clients and my regional manager at Positive Changes Hypnosis that inspired me to start my own business.

There are a few main reasons why a clients should choose me. First, I record all sessions and give my clients a cd and/or the mp3 audio recording. It takes 28-30 days for a new habit to become a permanent behavior. Repetition is key with hypnosis. I have been informed by several clients that other hypnotherapist do not record there session and that is why their results did not last. Secondly, I have been professionally trained in different modalities, techniques, categories, and tools to better support my client. Anyone can take a weekend course and become a hypnotherapist, but being trained in specific areas is key to a clients success. Thirdly, my main focus for all my clients is lasting results.


We have various programs to support you with shedding those extra pounds and keeping the weight off. I like to focus on the word health instead of weight loss because weight loss is a negative word. Health is a positive word and more people are open to improving their health over the negative impact weight loss implies (starvation, deprivation, struggle, counting calories, etc.).

We offer different tools to support you in becoming a non smoker.

At times pain can be emotional and physical. We can help you discover which one applies to you and to learn to listen to your bodies pain signals. At times we can dread the pain and let is control your life. We can help you get back the control and reduce the pain.

NLP is a great tool to change your beliefs, heal traumas, personal empowerment, timeline therapy, healing different parts of ourselves, and finding inner healing.

This area is very vast because I am trained in many different categories. Just view my website to see all the areas of expertise.

What I love about life coaching is supporting you from getting from point A to point B. Life coaching is not therapy or counseling. Life coaching is about giving you the tools to transform your life and expand your perspective by giving you different ideas, skills and options.