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Is something stopping you? I work with people to help them discover what is holding them back...at work, at home and in life! I show them that living a better life is closer than they think!

The Strategy:
I work with clients and help them gain tremendous self-awareness around their inner critic, learn to see themselves in a different way that makes them understand what is stopping them, and put together an action plan for life according to their goals.

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6 customer reviews

25 August 2021

My experience with Jeff Courtney at Empowered Minds was nothing short of life changing. I had no idea how to get out of my dead-end job, and no confidence in my abiblity to find a new career. Jeff really listened to me, and gave me the guidance and tools to succeed. I am confident in my future now. Thanks, Empowered Minds! More...

19 August 2021

My time working with Jeff was well spent. I am considering a career change, and Jeff has helped me with both the emotional and practical sides of this change. I appreciate the tools and thoughts I needed. More...

27 July 2021

Life had been full of confusion and overwhelm before taking coaching sessions with Jeff. I walked into our sessions without the slightest idea about where to start my journey. What was important to me? How satisfied was I, really? And, if I didn’t know the answers to such simple questions, how could I improve? Regardless of my lack of clarity and direction Jeff knew where to steer conversation for my best benefit. He intuitively guided our sessions with the information I needed to get me thinking for myself, I noticed my perspectives beginning to change and my mindset became in harmony with my true self. Through this journey of self-rediscovery I realigned with my sense of morality, my understanding of life and those around me, and I gained the ability to make all situations in my life a motivation to further my growth. Jeff has a way of explaining life-concepts that is more than tangible, his guidance is universal (relatable), his words come from a place of understanding, and I can see he really aims to make a safe space for his clients. I have much gratitude for his sincerity in wanting to help me make a better life for myself. Thank you Jeff! More...

21 March 2021

If you're looking for an amazing life coach, one who motivates, encourages, and pushes you to discover greatness, look no further. I only had the privilege of working with Jeff Courtney for a few weeks, and in that time I've built the confidence, with his help, to not only regain self-perseverance to be a teacher again, I also received two interest emails from employers due to the resume and cover letter Jeff encouraged me to write. Jeff helped me find the strength and wisdom I always knew I had in me to get back on the saddle after a traumatic event in my past.

The greatest experience I've had with Jeff is when he introduced me to one of his coaching methods. It was a wheel graph where I had to number each important category in my life, such as family, career, finances, etc. Then number them 1 through 10 with 10 being the most satisfied I felt in that category. Well, I gave myself a 3 for my career because I felt defeated, intimidated, and lost as a teacher. A few sessions with Jeff and that all changed. Let's just say I am now pursuing a full-time teaching position with the enthusiasm and confidence I gained working with Jeff.

If you want to know how your situation can change, look no further, contact Jeff Courtney. The best investment I've ever spent on myself. You are a lifesaver, Jeff! And that Florida dream is not just a dream. Thank you for your wise words and patience. The best!

Charlene Boone
Camden, NJ

17 January 2021

I hired Jeff to help me prioritize several aspects of my home life and my business which I was unable to do for many years. After working with Jeff, I realized how my day-to-day contributions at home impact my overall happiness in life and so I made several key changes. With this, I was able to live happier at home and my wife was also able to pursue several things she was wanting to do as well. This brought the long needed balance to my life.

With this momentum, Jeff also helped me focus on growing and organizing my business. With several strategic efforts, my business had one of the best years ever! I grew the confidence to invest in another employee and this helped expand my coverage. We also improved on customer service in a way that I have not seen before and we knew this from customer feedback! In the end I now feel like I am in the driver's seat of my home and work life, instead of them driving me. It was a very good experience working with Jeff and I am very appreciative of his service and will continue working with him in the future as my business grows!

Thank you!
Brian H.

16 January 2021

After my wife passed, I was struggling with how to be the “good dad” that I wanted to be. Jeff helped me develop some actions I could take to make sure I was meeting my children’s needs and expectations. As it turned out, the unrealistic “good dad” persona I had imagined was nothing like what my children actually wanted. Thank you Jeff! More...


The most exciting moments working with my clients is when during our sessions they realize a new perspective that will help them make their desired changes. This has come in many form, but most often it is either laughter or tears. Whatever emotion surfaces, it is a transformational one! This is the magic of life coaching and I enjoy every moment of it!

I have always gravitated towards helping people one way or another (mentoring, tutoring, helping neighbors, etc.). After learning how to overcome my life challenges, I became passionate about helping people and I realized my passion for helping can be experienced as a Life Coach!

I care about my clients as people and I have a passion for helping them achieve their goals. I am 100% committed to success, so much that I have a money back guarantee on my coaching (see www.empoweredminds.net services for details). Additionally, I have an incredible skillsets to facilitate changes in people's lives!

I am Certified in Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and am a Professional Engineer. I have spent the past 20 years working with all kinds of technical professionals (engineers, architects, finance, IT, owners and executive). Through my training and working with my own inner negative critic, I have developed a unique skillset to help clients become aware, understand, make peace, and get aligned to give them a launching pad to make changes in their life!

My sessions are typically done online/remote via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc. This allows for maximum flexibility and efficiency for the client and myself.

Empowered Minds Life Coaching sessions are done via Zoom or Skype as this is the safest way to assist clients during the pandemic. However, I am fully aware and follow the CDC guidelines and agreed to: maintain 6 feet of distance from customers, wear masks during the job, and disinfect surfaces touched during the job if in person sessions are requested and possible.


As Life Coaches at Empowered Minds, we help clients identify areas of improvement for continued growth. Depending on the client's needs, together we identify what skills are needed and how to get them to continue forward momentum.

As a Life Coach at Empowered Minds, I will help you adapt to your life changes. I will help you gain awareness and build personal empowerment tools to take more control of your life. After working with me, you will experience the world in a different way knowing you have the skills to manage life’s difficult situations. Let me bring you closer to the way you want to live!