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Emily Champoux MPH, RD - Nutrition


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21 July 2021

I wanted to spend some time focusing on my general health and well-being, and all the things that are connected to that. Emily is the perfect sounding board to discuss these topics with and her support and guidance has been absolutely invaluable. More...

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2 July 2021

I've been working with Emily for about six weeks now and absolutely love her. She is not only extremely knowledgeable but also kind and truly cares about helping me with my relationship with food, movement and most importantly my body. She takes the time to listen to me and is so helpful in finding solutions that suit my lifestyle and things I actually enjoy. She is also not judge mental at ALL, which I really appreciate. She has already helped me so much and I am so excited to continue working with her! More...

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9 May 2021

I have really enjoyed my work with Emily over the past few months! She has helped me learn to eat in a more balanced way and helped me explore and better understand my feelings and history around food and body image. I like that she has a holistic approach and looks at the whole picture--and she really thinks about strategies that will work for me instead of just one size fits all. She also paces the sessions well-- just the right amount of information each time that we build on in subsequent weeks.I appreciate her kindness, thoughtfulness, and overall positive attitude. I'm excited to continue learning from her. Strongly recommend for whatever your goals are around nutrition and health! More...

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7 May 2021

Emily has truly been the best dietician I've ever worked with. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder, I've worked with a lot of dieticians. However, what makes Emily different is that she has taught me the balance of food and has brought joy back into meals unlike any other I've had! She has centered my meals to fit my lifestyle and schedule. I'm so happy with the progress I've made so far! Thank you, Emily!! More...

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4 May 2021

I searched for a while to find a dietician who not only had the right credentials but is also a good fit for me and my husband who have different goals. We have struggled during COVID to keep up our (formerly) active lifestyles and realized we were doing a lot of comfort and boredom eating. Emily is the best fit for anyone who is looking to reshape their perspective about food and eating habits. She always listens to whats going on in our lives that might be contributing to our habits. She is always such a wonderful listener, never judging and always has something positive to offer. I've reshaped how I think about eating, meals and snacks. I've also learned the best combinations to make sure I'm getting the most out what I put in my body and I've seen a huge difference in how much I'm eating and the quality. She's also wonderful at making sure my husband and I can each separately work on our own goals but keeps in mind that we do live in the same house and eat most of the same things. Not an easy thing to juggle but she's offered both me and my husband such wonderful advice that fits both of our needs. Her wholistic approach to eating AND lifestyle (I can be a stress eater) has been a game changer and I highly recommend scheduling an appt with her! More...

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28 March 2021

My experience with Emily has been nothing but awesome. After struggling with my A1c and low(er) weight for several years I decided to look into a dietitian for some additional help. After interviewing several dietitians, Emily's approach seemed to fit what I was looking for: informing me with the right amount of detail combined with a flexible approach to diet with a focus on sustainability. She was very attentive during our extensive initial meeting to understand my history, motivations and struggles. She provided a lot of options that I could try out to and see what worked for me. After continuing to struggle with getting enough calories in, we were able to pivot strategy to get calories in with a more thoughtful focus on ease of prep/ingestion. I am happy to say that after working with her for close to 4 months, she was able to get my A1c under control and feel like the knowledge I have gained will allow me to sustain this over the long haul. I am continuing to work with Emily and am confident that the plan she has put into place will allow me to slowly reach my weight goal. Again I cannot recommend her enough if you are looking for a dietitian! More...

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6 January 2021

I had a great experience working with Emily. She is extremely knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and just very helpful. She taught me a ton about how to build nutritionally balanced snacks and meals as well as how to understand cravings and emotional eating.  I found her advice to be clear and practical.  Emily quelled my worries by giving me a simple framework to understand what to eat to make me feel good. If you want to stop worrying so much about what should eat, I recommend reaching out to Emily! More...

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14 December 2020

I have struggled with disordered eating my entire life. Issues around weight and eating exhaust me on a daily basis. I was fearful of whole entire food groups and obsessively weighing myself. Additionally I can have a lot of anxiety and can be a terrible client as I cancel and reschedule regularly. Every time I meet with Emily she meets me with kindness, humor and flexibility. She has been a game changer when it comes to incorporating foods into my day to day without shame or guilt. I hadn't made a sandwich in like 10 years and now I'm eating them and recognizing it as just fuel and not evil incarnate. She is easy to talk to and voice concerns and fears and she always gives me real word application to take away from our call. More...

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15 November 2020

Emily helped me on my post-baby weight loss journey.  She was an amazing resource and very knowledgeable.  She would always check in with me and was very responsive anytime I had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend her!

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