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Emilia's Cleaning, Inc.

121 Fairfield Way suite 317 Bloomingdale 60108, Cook

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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Residential and Commercial cleaning company tailoring to your needs and expectations. That's right-YOUR needs, not a preset standard list. Call us today to obtain a free quote. We are bonded, insured, have worker's compensation, great referrals and most importantly-great experience.

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23 customer reviews

25 April 2022

House Cleaning

Excellent communication right from the start! Sylvia was an incredible hard working professional who went the extra mile to make sure my home was cleaned exactly as I wanted! I will definitely use this company again! More...

14 August 2018

I just can't say enough about what a wonderful job they have done for us. I have now been using the service for over a year, and have been continually impressed by the high-quality cleaning and excellent customer service. Emilia and her team always reply in a timely manner and do whatever it takes to make their customers happy. I'm very glad we found them! More...

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14 August 2018

Best cleaning service I have ever used with reasonable pricing and a great customer service. The cleaning staff is experienced and very kind. They are always keen to accommodate any of your special needs. More...

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6 November 2017

My significant other and I had ordered a 4-man-hour housecleaning as a gift for my folks, and we had scheduled the clean-up very easily, but we had to re-schedule when my folks decided to come home early.  A few weeks later, we attempted to re-schedule, but were having problems getting a hold of Emilia's -  we would leave messages, but not get any response.  Fortunately, Alex Witalec - their operations manager - was eventually able to contact us, and we were able to finally schedule cleaning.Our cleaner - whose name completely escapes me - showed up within a few minutes of the scheduled time, and proceeded to clean the upstairs for us.  This was nice, as my lovely assistant was on a night owl schedule.  The house cleaner finished up quickly, so my significant other was able to go back to sleep as the rest of the condo got cleaned.  They did a great job cleaning up all of the bathroom surfaces, all of the floors were mopped well, all of the carpets were vacuumed thoroughly, all of the kitchen surfaces were cleaned well (including some spots that I often forget), and she dusted most of the electronics around the entertainment center and our home office.  We have both a dog who sheds a lot, and a cat who sheds a bit, and we were impressed at how thoroughly all traces of them were cleaned up.We got a pretty good coupon deal for 4-man-hours of cleaning, and I feel that they exceeded my expectations.  We'll definitely keep Emilia's Cleaning in mind for future small clean up jobs, and maybe even big spring clean ups as we need them.  Aside from the minor communications mix-up before, I'm pleased with the service we received. More...

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21 March 2016

House Cleaning of the condo. 2 bedrooms, one full bathroom, one small bathroom with toilet only, the upstairs hall, the downstairs foyer, the kitchen, living/dining room, and the stairs leading to the basement. Our house is an easy clean, nothing is requested that would take extensive time or need extensive cleaning; it isn't a very big place. We primary focus on getting rid of the dust and the cat hair that accumulates. We typically request service on average every 5-6 weeks. There are only two people in the household. We've used Emilia's Cleaning service for around 4 years. The price is decent enough to have done regularly. I used to do it all myself, but because of time restraints, I'd prefer someone else do it. To do an extensively clean job, it would take me about 8 hours, especially if I thoroughly cleaned the house once every 6-8 weeks. The cleaning lady typically spends 3-4 hours here, but sometimes longer. In the 4+ years we've used the service, we've had several different cleaning ladies. This hasn't been much of a problem other than having to explain to a new person what we'd like accomplished. That's the nature of this business, so I understand. Lately we'd had the same young lady come to our house and she does a fantastic job. I would highly recommend Emilia's Cleaning service. As previoulsy mentioned, while we would like to always get the same person that we like, that's not always possible because employees do move around or find other jobs. I can't say enough good things about the owner. Sure, sometimes the cleaning lady might not be up to my expectations, but how much of that should be on the owner? Whenever I felt a complaint was justified ( I hate complaining, I really do, but when so many easy things are ignored or not done well, I have to comment), Emilia has always been apologetic and made things right. I'm confident that Emilia discusses her expectations with her cleaning staff. One of my concerns has always been whether the cleaing person will understand what I am telling her since most of them don't speak English as a first language. I think this has caused some miscommunications with some of the cleaning ladies in the past. But Emilia always reassures me that the lady she sends will understand me... and this has been the case for a good while now. It's important to me that I feel the cleaning person was not rushing to get to another job and therefore not putting forth the best effort in our place. So far, no problems with this.Bottom Line: I wouldn't always give the individual cleaning person an A, but I would definitly give Emilia an A because of the price, quality, puncuality, and professionalism. You won't be sorry for using this service. Emilia aims to please and make things as you would expect them. The young lady that has been to my home the last three times has been very thorough and friendly. Give Emilia's Cleaning a try!!!! More...

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17 February 2016

I've been a client of Emilia's Cleaning since 2012.  I have a pretty hectic schedule at work and Emilia has been able to accommodate me into their cleaning schedule.  Emilia came out for the first time to give me an estimated and gave me a great offer.  Over the years, several cleaning crews have cleaned my home and they have done a great job.  They are always polite and punctual.  I can't say that they have ever done a bad job.  Emilia is quick and responsive by email or text, which is what you want when scheduling an appointment. More...

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12 February 2016

Emilia's Cleaning is the best cleaning service I have found in the Chicago area. I have used others in the past and Emilia's beats them in terms of service and price. I was looking for a cleaning service that was affordable yet thorough still and they fit the bill. They clean my condo every two weeks and are very efficient and friendly. Emilia, the owner, is very responsive. I highly recommend Emilia's Cleaning. More...

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9 February 2016

Excellent work. They are very thorough. I trust them and would recommend them to anyone. I have 3 pets and am very busy so the house is a mess. Emila and her team are very accommodating with requests. Emilia and her team are very nice and treat you like family. More...

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16 December 2015

I have been so happy with the reliability and quality of the team from emilia's.  We have been using them for several months and have a regular team who works with us.   Very friendly staff.  Very accommodating and always on time.  They will do exactly what you ask them to do and I trust them in my home. More...

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12 October 2015

I have been using Emilia's cleaning now for several years and I could not be happier!  I can't say enough positive things about Emilia and her crew.  I like working with small businesses, I like being able to speak to the owner and importance that an owner puts on every client request.  I also feel that owners have a much higher level of pride in workmanship than what you get from some employee drone at one of the corporate options.  Emilia's is certainly no exception.  I feel that I am a difficult person to clean for as I always have some crazy involved project going on at my home.  I am a small business owner myself, and as such I am constantly filing in my dining room or entertaining clients in my living room.  I am VERY pleased with how accommodating Emilia is when I request an oddly timed cleaning date, so that I can entertain clients in my home - they are always available, they are ALWAYS able to accommodate me.  More importantly, when I do have a large scale project that runs through a normally scheduled cleaning day, the cleaning person simply cleans around it.  She doesn't avoid the entire room, I really feel that she wants my place to be as clean as she can get it, even if there are things in her way.  They aren't afraid to move things around and I have NEVER experienced something important being thrown away or placed in a strange location.  Everything is done very intuitively and its extremely refreshing to have people that are willing to work with you.  In addition, they are VERY available on e-mail, text or phone.  Most of my communication is completely via e-mail or text.  Emilia get's back within minutes usually - NEVER more than hour.  Most other places I work with can barely commit to getting back to you in 24 hours.  I can't recommend Emilia's cleaning enough.  They are amazing.  I couldn't wait to write a review for them, I am so happy with the work they do for me, I really wanted to do something back for them - how many places make you feel that way? More...

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15 July 2015

We have received bi-weekly house cleaning services for over 5 years and are happy customers.  Emilia herself is very professional and responsive (especially via email).  Rates are reasonable, and accounting is thorough.  Two-way communication is good both with Emilia and her staff (for example, leaving a note with feedback or ordering supplies).  The service is extremely reliable; and even though my schedule changed and became less flexible, we are still able to consistently make things work with good communication. More...

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4 July 2015

I have been using Emilia's for the past six months and I am very satisfied. Emilia is always available by text/email to answer any questions, change service dates, or solve any issues. My apartment is cleaned once a month and is left looking great. Fast, convenient, easy! More...

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30 June 2015

We have been using Emilia's service for about 5+ years, first in a house and now two apartments later. Overall, Emilia and her crew have been reliable, dependable, and a easy to work with. She advises me of any schedule changes (rare) and accommodates my last minute schedule shifts and requests. We've used 2 cleaners over this time, and they have both been very good, and Emilia has been responsive to any issues I have had with cleaning- once I wanted the floors redone and she sent someone back the same day. I've also been successful with notes for the crew if I want something specifically dealt with (i.e. please make sure to wash the walls around the light switches...). I should also note that they also did a good job handling our two rowdy boxers, which was always a plus for us. Emilia has always been reasonable, friendly and good to work with, and the cleaning is solid. More...

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2 February 2013

We've been using Emilia's for a year now and are very pleased.  The ladies are very sweet and efficient and do a great job taking care of all of the hair our dog leaves for them.  Emilia is responsive to email questions and scheduling has never been an issue.  Its about $10 per cleaning more than our prior service but being able to pay with credit card on line is priceless!   Everyone will have different opinions about how someone else cleans their home and you will always find something that you see every day that someone in your house for 2-3 hours might miss (especially if it is a one time cleaning).  But that's a small issue (and it rarely happens) when you take into consideration the price, consistency and trustworthiness of the service.  Have no hesitation recommending this company. More...

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7 January 2013

I've been using Emilia's Cleaning since May 2012.  When I scheduled the walk-thru for an estimate, I was pleasantly surprised that Emilia herself showed up.  Having that immediate access to the owner of the company made me instantly feel more comfortable.  I find her prices to be reasonable, and Emilia is incredibly responsive to any emails I send her...whether they be to reschedule a cleaning at the last minute, or to explain something that I'd like more attention paid to during my next cleaning.  Joanna is my regular cleaning person, and she is polite and thorough.  Sometimes I am working from home while she cleans, and I don't even realize she's there!    I am very happy with the service from Emilia's! More...

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18 November 2012

I was referred to Emilia's from a friend who also uses her.  Emilia came out to see my Lincoln Park condo right after I called her and gave me a fair estimate.  I have been using one of her associates every three weeks now for about 4 months and am very satisfied with their work.  You also get an invoice emailed to you prior to your cleaning which is nice (and a good reminder they are coming).  Very thorough with their cleaning and they do other household tasks (ie change sheets on beds, etc). More...

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9 August 2012

Emilia was very professional and very quick to respond to my inquiry about having my house cleaned.  She came over and gave me a free estimate which I felt was very reasonable.  I was happy with the cleaning and the overall service.  I was able to pay for the cleaning online, which was quick and easy!  I would definitely use Emilia's service again! More...

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15 November 2010

Emilia's cleaning women always do an excellent job.  They are always on time and I love coming home from work after they have been to my house.

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16 August 2010

My search for a cleaning service is (finally) over!!  Emilia's service has been leaving my home spotless since early this year, and we have no complaints.  We started out paying by the hour, and now have moved to monthly service.  The pricing is so reasonable too, especially having tried out many services in the city with less-than-stellar results and work ethic.Emilia herself is so prompt in replying to emails that scheduling or making any changes in a breeze.  I *highly* recommend. More...

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1 June 2010

I hired Emilia to perform a move-out cleaning of a very dirty tenant apartment. She was incredible! She was professional from beginning to end. She was very accomodating to my schedule. When she was finished with the apartment, I did not recognize it! It was cleaned impeccably from top to bottom, inside and out. She even took down light fixtures and cleaned them. She washed walls, inside appliances, and shampooed the carpeting. She did cleaning I would not have thought to ask. I will not hesitate to recommend her for any sort of cleaning. I'm hoping to hire her again soon. More...

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30 April 2010

So far Emilia's Cleaning has done me well....I scheduled an in home estimate late Wed and she showed up promptly at 8am this AM to meet me. For some reason, my phone wasn't working so after waiting for me for 20 mins downstairs Emilia left. When I realized what had happened I called her apologetically to see if she could come back.  With no attitude at all, she came back at 4pm today.I expected her to be slightly annoyed at having to come twice, but she was SUPER nice and professional.  I've had 4 different companies give me quotes (2 of which came to my house to check it out first). She was the only one who walked me through everything she would do (and wouldn't) in a professional and thorough way.  On top of that her price was the best of the 4 estimates and she included the 3rd cleaning free.I can't wait for my first cleaning! More...

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26 February 2010

Emilia's Cleaning service is the best cleaning service I have used.Very friendly, thorough, thoughtful, and trustworthy.  My apartment has never been cleaner!  I highly recommend this service to anyone needing a cleaning service. More...

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4 September 2009

Emilia's Cleaning is a great service. I've always hesitated to hire someone to help but with my crazy schedule i just didn't have the time to keep up with the house chores! Emilia is extremely flexible and thorough and I always look forward to coming home after she cleans, it always smells wonderful and I feel less stressed! I would highly recommend her services! More...

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Emilia's Cleaning, Inc., has been in the business since 2003.

We do bring our own supplies or we can use yours-it is your choice

I love being able to provide our costumers with the best of the best cleaning teams out there! We are picky when it comes to picking our team mates to ensure top level service for our costumers.

I always wanted to be a business owner. I like a clean home-I enjoy cleaning and organizing so I thought why not invest in a cleaning company and work for myself? I love having a flexible schedule from time to time. Although it is a tough business to run, I always love the challenge :)

There are a lot of cleaning companies that strive to obtain as many clients as possible, however, Emilia's Cleaning, Inc. is about a QUALITY AND GREAT EXPERIENCE rather than QUANTITY-getting as many accounts as possible. Emilia's Cleaning, Inc. is not just another cleaning company, it is THE cleaning company to work with. We have great staff- friendly and English speaking, hardworking people. Our costumer service is excellent.