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My company offers high quality photography. (Videography in process). We may be young, but we definitely do not back down from new challenges. We specialize in all types of photography, spanning from portrait, to headshot, to wedding, and so much more.

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Composition, lighting, and a great lens. People believe that having an amazing camera is what makes an awesome photograph, but that's where people are misled. Expensive camers may help, with a lot of features that lower end camers don't have. But if you have a decent, cheaper camera body, with an expensive lens, you will most likely achieve a better photo. But it also comes down to composition and lighting. Those three things is what affects the quality of a photo.

I start to ask some personal questions to get to know my client a little better so they can be a little bit more comfortable with me. I also like to get to know the client so I can sort of figure out their style, and how comfortable they are with different styles and such

I then proceed to the project information

Any specific shots do you want? A specific style? (I show several different styles of one photo and they pick one.) Is the event inside or outside? Why is this event so special to you? What do you hope to get out of the experience? Why did you choose me? If you have a reference image, can you show me, and point out what you loved about the image? What are things you NEED to have in this session? How many images do you need? What is the soft deadline and the hard deadline? And many more questions.

I love stepping out of my comfort zones. People get so uncomfortable whenever they're taking pictures, but that, to me is the thrill of photography. It's what gets me excited about photography. I love it when, I get that perfect image, because I had to go through something to get it. Drive several hours, and hike a bit. Or do extensive research to find this secret spot, that hardly anyone gets.

My recent Philippines Mission Trip. I have a whole video dedicated to that trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTcMzlhdFL8&t=47s I was the dedicated photographer of that trip because I was in yearbook, but I also was the dedicated videographer for it too. I enjoyed the thrill of taking pictures when I found out about these two YouTubers named Peter McKinnon and Hayden Pedersen. They inspired me to become a film maker and photographer.

Like I said before, I enjoy the thrill of stepping out of my comfort zone. It's what sets me apart from the other photographers out there, because I thrive to be different. I live by the quote, "Stay true to what makes you different." So my work ethic translates into my work.