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Goffstown, NH

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I am deeply curious and ask inspired questions, explore ways to discover and use peoples talents, and connect them to resources to take a deeper dive into areas that light up their soul.

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I enjoy the most when there is that long pause as someone suddenly sees things from a different perspective, and it opens up the possibilities of where they are going to next. I really enjoy being surrounded by people that are driven to grow in areas of their life, and be a better version of themselves.

After several years in a healing circle, on a men's team, and supporting my friends and family around asking deep, powerful questions, I discovered the gift I have of reframing things from a new perspective. In this process, people have been able to make noticeable changes in their life, and I want to support that to happen more often so people can really embrace all that is possible to be, feel, and do.

I've struggled in certain areas of my life, and come out on the other side stronger, and with a renewed sense of purpose. I want to help others see the lessons in our life for what they are, an opportunity to learn and grow, and bring that renewed mindset out to the world to make it a better place for ourselves, and those we care about.