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Atlanta, Georgia

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A lot has changed since I was 15, but one thing remains the same. You have to convert visitors into sales. Period.

A lot of wannabe internet “gurus” will try to sell you on their “secrets” to online sales.

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Seeing the dramatic change / improvement after doing a project for a client. Most are shocked at the money they have been leaving on the table.

Because I've done this for years and I have done it successfully. I know what works online and what doesn't. I know how to work with people and an excellent communicator. I answer the phone. Seems like many in my industry are afraid to talk on the phone. A quick call can accomplish so much!

Yes. When a phone call will not do, we can jump on Zoom to share screens.


Are you ready to start selling online but don’t have an online store? I can get you setup and running in record time.

If you have a store that needs optimization to improve your conversation rate, drop me a message or call / text me to get started.

Why will I only work with Shopify for eCommerce? It is simply the greatest eCom platform in existence, using anything else is a tragedy.

Facebook Advertising can take a business from $100/day to $20,000/day overnight. I’ve seen it happen. While this certainly should not be the expectation in most cases, it does show you the power of this advertising platform.

But if you are not familiar with the ends and outs of Facebook Ads, you are going to waste a lot of time and money.

I’ll setup your ads for optimal performance and sales or edit your current ads for better performance. I have never reviewed a clients ad account without drastically improving their sales or cost of acquisition!

Email marketing is more important than ever before. As more advertisers get on Facebook Ads, especially as large businesses flood the feed with ads, costs are rising. This is not changing.

I have never seen more money left on the table than businesses that do not have proper email systems in place. Klaviyo is the greatest email program in existence for eCommerce email marketing and where I focus my energy.

I will setup or review your current email marketing and make recommends that will increase your revenue.

Many businesses have no automated email flows or very poor email flows in place. I will create or re-build your current flows that will instantly begin generating more income.

If you are trying to find a quick way to increase your revenue, start here. You will instantly see results.

Not an eCommerce business but still need to look great on the internet for your potential customers?

WordPress is the perfect platform to showoff your skills, services, or brick and mortar business.

I specialize in building websites that look amazing with very easy to use functionality.

If you have a small business that you want to look like a big business, you’ve found the right person to get you there!

Join me on Zoom and we will review your entire online business. From your website, Facebook ad campaigns, Email Marketing, Shopify store, and all other aspects of your online business.

We can focus on one area you are looking to improve or we can tackle your entire digital footprint.


I have worked with multiple POD brands and currently run my own high six-figure brand.

I know the ends and outs of making print on demand profitable and how to grow it.

I will review your brand from all angles and make recommendation to increase sales, improve profit margins, and grow your brand.

I’ve hit every brick wall you can imagine in this industry and overcome it, take advantage of what I learned along the way.

I have never done a POD brand review without providing significant improvements to the business.


Join me on Zoom and we will review your Facebook Ad campaigns.

I have spent over $150,000/month on a single DTC brand and maintained a positive Return On Ad Spend.

I can quickly look at your Facebook ad campaign and find ways to improve them.

I review everything from the setup, copywriting, graphics, targeting, and all other aspects of your campaign and will show you how to improve your campaigns and increase revenue.

I will offer suggestions in each area where they can be improved to increase revenue and your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).


Join me on Zoom and we will review your Shopify store.

Having built and managed many Shopify stores of the years, I can quickly conclude areas of improvement for your eCommerce store to increase revenue, improve conversion rates, and improve the overall user experience.

Potential areas include Apps that can improve your store, design and layout changes, suggestions to increase your Average Order Value (AOV), and all other aspects of your Shopify store that can improve your bottom line.