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E&A Enterprises Group is a architectural, engineering, construction and real estate firm that focuses on clients who are just homeowners or investors we are dedicated to having top quality, architects, engineers and drafters that will complete you’re project in a reasonable timeframe and will get you a approval with you’re city municipality and or township if it’s building plans, MEP plans or just an engineers report we are affordable, but a solid firm for all you’re projects.

4 hour response time

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11 August 2021

The process from the first day we walked into E&A Enterprises Group until today has been incredibly satisfying they are thorough, detailed, and customer-oriented. We enjoyed working with the entire staff. They totally complement each other and work as a team. We sincerely recommend E&A Enterprises Group More...

11 August 2021

5 star! Service is always excellent and they flat out get the job done.


I love that I get to help the everyday homeowner or the savvy investor with making plans and dreams come to life!

Well my mother and father have always been entrepreneurs and I have just walked in their foot steps, but I’m doing something I love which makes it all the better!

Well I am very particular and I won’t just sell you a service I am selling my expertise, which in turn will have you’re new or existing project you have been working on a success.

Yes. I can do certain services remotely all depending on scope of work and how complex.

Well I have been vaccinated as well as masking up around certain areas with a high rate of COVID-19 cases. All be safe and well.


Our engineers’s reports are for the structural integrity of a building, our engineers reports can solve any city municipality or township issue whether it is for make safe report- (May require a structural plan) or it is a structural walk-through evaluation we have it covered.

This service for architectural existing plans, shows the building existing as is and will give the city confirmation that occupancy can be given- (May need some light alterations if property has been modified in the past)

This service involves a change in the layout of a residential or commercial property and will give you approval to start-(May need a zoning plan all depending on the you’re city municipality or township) , or you’re contractor to start or administer the construction process.

The service for regular zoning plan is to get a certain zoning variance for a particular area that has a similar zoning preference, the zoning preference that you are seeking others may have been approved for in the past- for example you’re contractor shows you a property he turned into a triplex , but in this area it may have residential homes, all depending on how many other triplexes were approved in that area you maybe approved or not also location has a lot to do with it and how it will effect an area ( Zoning means maybe having to attend a zoning meeting sometimes which individuals in you’re neighborhood maybe involved sometimes to give a red or green light on the project because it effects their community.

This service involves a complex zoning plan and may also need a legal professional to represent them in the zoning process look to spend some where between 15-20k all depending on how the firm represents you as the client, we provide this service for you and will coordinate with you’re legal professional representative and get you’re zoning approved.