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Dynamic Life Counseling

Sebastopol, California

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11 customer reviews

3 October 2019

Robin is a fantastic professional, with integrity, honesty and a well of knowledge in human relationships, family dynamics and parenting. She is capable of very rapidly detecting the areas that need attention and from there provide guidance and techniques that enable quick and very material improvements. We feel very fortunate to have worked with her. More...

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2 April 2019

Over the decades, I've been to many therapists. Looking back, I always enjoyed the visits because they mostly told me what I wanted to hear. With Robin, I finally realized that what I got from the others was not transformative. I respect and appreciate Robin for her professionalism and integrity. Not only did she tell me the truth, she gave me plan that has put me on a path to true healing and transformation. I feel she saved my life but more than that, put me on a path to real happinesses More...

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24 March 2019

An amazing professional brimming with integrity, insights, and sparkling energy, Robin's approach is not for those who want to skim the surface, do the minimum, and remain as they are.  I know, because she was there to guide and motivate me at a critical time of my life, when I needed just her brand of compassionate, "tough love" the most.   With her real-world smarts, vast experience and a wide spectrum of expertise, she has high expectations for herself.  So that very fact motivates you to dig and "excavate" down to the root causes of your issue.  Robin knows that real transformation takes not only courage, but the ongoing determination to look at yourself straight in the mirror.  I have personally witnessed how she holds herself accountable for everything she says and does, so I knew I couldn't fool her or myself.  If you can bring that to the table, she will help get you into gear with the solutions to your issue.  In our rapidly changing, stressful and challenging world, I feel we can benefit from this kind of approach now more than ever.  Thank you Robin! More...

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5 March 2019

Robin is a wonderful therapist. She helped us understand the dysfunctions within the dynamics of my family and the roots of these dysfunctions. She doesn't waste your time. She helped us plan and act very quickly. She's open to different approaches as we have a different cultural background. She can be also very sweet and supportive when we go through hard times. I truly love her and don't feel that I am seeing a therapist. More...

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2 October 2018

My impressions of Robin after working with her one on one, in a family setting, and as half of a couple: Robin is solution based. She is masterful and technical but also loving and intuitive. She is not hung up on being right or taking sides. She is fair. (Men, that means you) Her breadth of knowledge and experience both personal and professional is impressive but she also just "knows what she knows". She is direct, she is tough, she is gracious, she is not afraid of the uncomfortable stuff, and doesn't waste anyone's time with navel gazing. She wants her clients to learn, grow, connect, integrate, and move on. She delights in people, in helping and understanding, and she really really cares. I feel very lucky to have found her when I did and am very grateful for the help and support she has given me and my family. I recommend her highly. More...

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14 December 2016

Robin is an extremely intuitive woman and therapist. She "gets it" in the best of ways. I won't say I always agreed with her but I definitely valued her opinion. She is top rate when it comes to dealing with addiction within a family. Her no nonsense approach and cutting through the BS was refreshing. I do and will continue to refer her to those that are seeking to make sense of the insanity that comes with addiction. More...

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16 November 2016

Robin is a wonderful therapist. Straight to the point making you feel comfortable and understanding you as the humans we are.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with Robin. More...

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18 August 2016

I concur with the reviews here, I've been to many therapists over the years, and while I always learned, Robin was the first to clearly explain what I'm dealing with in my family dynamics, the causes and making sense of it, and what that means going forward.  I will always be grateful to her.

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24 May 2014

Robin understands how our emotions, thoughts, intentions, an habits work together in human beings.   She's very intuitive and buddhist in her approach.  She seems to understand what Is happening before its even explained to her.  My wife and I find her very helpful and a relief to confusing dynamics that seem to be impossible to sort out.  I am very grateful that I took a friends advice and called her. More...

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7 June 2013

I was fortunate to have Robin Stuart, MFT recommended to me and I have recommended her to my friends.  Ms. Stuart is professional, knowledgeable, frank, funny, and real.  She is accepting and direct. I have worked with Robin individually, as a couple, and in group sessions; all have been rewarding.  If you are looking for a therapist who will help you face challenging life issues to resolve, heal, and grow I recommend Robin Stuart, MFT More...

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16 March 2013

Robin Stuart MFT is an outstanding therapist with vast experience.  She is extremely trustworthy, upbeat and worked wonders helping me through the transition of a difficult divorce.  Ms. Stuart is trained in family systems therapy, and helped my entire family address issues and resolve problems that had been going on for a number of years.Ms. Stuart is the consummate professional and I highly recommend her. More...

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