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I focus on creating digital content for events, business/brands, Individuals with Video production, photography, graphic and web design services. Aimed to increase engagement and exposure!
I also offer social media marketing plans.

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The secret to taking a great photography is to know purpose of the image, to know how to deal with elements and know how to use light correctly. trust me it goes a long way.

Important information: the purpose, the mood and the audience.

Being able to come with different ways to tell a story. not just limited by one format (photography) but exploring in other ways.

The need for businesses to level up. and advertise like professional business on social media and their website. sorry but using a picture you took from your camera phone won't do it. Also creating more content allows me to get creative and that's where I shine.

Because having experience in not only in the photography department but also in the video production and graphic design allows me to think outside the box if the project requires it. but also know the fundamentals for each of what at the end are tools for you to get your content out there.

Yes I can, Web Design for example. I also had done product photography and it was remotely.

Fully vaccinated, Wearing a Mask and disinfect all the equipment use daily. One of my priorities is to keep you safe.


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