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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


I am an elite personal trainer and coach from San Francisco Ca, and relocating to Miami Florida and expanding my fitness business in person & virtually as of January 2023. I specialize in full body conditioning & strengthening, integrated flexibility training, core strengthening, rehabilitation therapy, sports specific training & conditioning, and weight loss.

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9 February 2024

Having worked with Demetrios as my personal trainer in Miami for approximately a year, I've experienced remarkable improvements in my posture, strength, and conditioning. The expertise Demetrios brings, with his background in Sports Science and Medicine, has truly highlighted the impact of professional training on my physical health. His tailored training exercises have enabled me to accomplish feats previously out of reach, such as touching my toes, while also significantly improving my posture and alleviating my back pain. I highly recommend Demetrios to anyone looking to address their health and fitness goals More...

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26 October 2023

Demetrios has trained me now for 7 months, approximately once weekly since March, and we'll continue. We train for a mix of mobility, strength, and core. What distinguishes Demetrios from many trainers is: - he can quickly (within probably one session) see where you may have shortfalls that you may or may not(!) be aware of, and structure your program/exercises to partly focus on those; - depth of knowledge, partly from academic degree; for example detailed anatomy, kinds of exercises and how they impact different goals; - every session is intense and comprehensive, because that's my style and Demetrios knows how to match yours; - easily and with short notice adapts sessions if you sustained a limited injury a few days prior; - last but not least, a fun guy to hang around with a sense of humor. Whether or not you are actually considering personal training, I highly recommend trying a session with Demetrios if only to see shortfalls you didn't even know about. And for your physical fitness you can't go wrong by working with him consistently. More...

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24 October 2023

I've been training with Demetrios for the past 3 months, and I have seen my progress on my physical strength. I recommend Demetrios with no reservation if you wanna achieve your personal fitness goals ! On a personal note, Demetrios is flexible with schedules and tries to accommodate your training sessions at your convenience. Makes training fun and enjoyable ! Keep the excellent work Demetrios ! More...

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24 July 2023

Demetrios is a great fitness coach and helped me get started on my journey to get back in shape. Since working with him, I've gone from being in pretty bad shape to completing my first half marathon! I cannot recommend him enough and you won't regret working with him. More...

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2 April 2023

I've been working with Demetrios for around 2 months now. He is very professional & knowledgeable in the area of fitness. His commitment to clients is why I chose him to assist me in reaching my fitness goals. More...

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7 September 2022

Demetrios is fantastic! I've been working with him on strength and muscle endurance training for the past 5 months, and I've seen steady progress. He's extremely knowledgeable and has a variation for any kind of situation, esp if there's some kind of pre-existing injury.And it's not just basic lifting and such, he does a great job incorporating all kinds of full body functional movements, which is great when I have a little less time than the usual session length. Most importantly, he's funny, caring and just really fun to be around. More...

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30 June 2022

Demetrios is an AMAZING trainer!  I was nervous to start training (or to even step foot in the gym), but Demetrios immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease.  His training, knowledge and experience in the health and fitness field is extensive, comprehensive and unparalleled.  This unique background enables him to tailor workouts that are highly effective, goal specific, and safe. Demetrios makes your workouts challenging and varied, while being conscious of injuries, fitness level, and personal preferences.  Each session is customized to my personal fitness goals and progress, and he often switches up the exercises to keep it interesting and effective.  I appreciate the combination of strength, agility, balance and cardio in our workouts and in a short period of time, I've improved in all of these areas.He is inspiring, motivating, and supportive.  He pushes me to work hard in our sessions, without ever pushing me past my breaking point.  This approach allows me to leave our sessions motivated to return again.  Demetrios is also very reliable -- he has never missed or been late to a session -- which works well for those with busy schedules. On top of  all this, Demetrios is just an amazing person.  He is approachable, thoughtful and funny.  He has an upbeat and positive attitude that is truly infectious.  If I could give him more than 5 stars, I certainly would! More...

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14 October 2018

I met Demetrios years ago and knew him for a while before I ever finally decided to get some training guidance from him. Before I trained with him, my routine consisted mostly of cardio and just a little toning with my own body weight and I thought I was "fit". When Demetrios showed me what I should add to my regimen I couldn't believe the difference it made in my fitness routine. I am very picky and don't like wasting my time unless something really works and his knowledge was invaluable! He tailored my workout to meet my specific needs and personal goals. He is an excellent listener and really cares. When I told him I didn't like traditional sit ups because of the strain it put on my shoulders, he gave me a few very effective (in my opinion even more effective) alternatives that caused no strain on my shoulders, and after that I loved working on my core! I loved them so much I shared them with friends and they all use the same exercises regularly as well. His energy is infectious and he has a wonderful demeanor and personality.  Demetrios !!!! More...

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9 October 2018

What a great experience I had working out with this amazing trainer! I had problems with my lower back and after a couple sessions of stretching with him it's finally gone! Can not express how happy I am. Demetrios has the nicest personality, he is funny and a professional at the same time. Highly recommend! More...

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24 September 2018

Demetrios is a very knowledgeable and super nice guy. I hired him to help develop an offseason training plan for my son, who is a high school lacrosse player. The plan he developed is much more comprehensive than anything I would have imagined, and my son is sticking with it (most importantly). I recommend Demetrios without reservation, he's awesome. More...

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20 September 2018

I've done about a dozen workouts with Demetrios and can say that with every workout, I've been more and more impressed.  I have been an athlete since very young and have always worked out and been in competitive sports.  As I'm approaching 40 years old and not having the same drive I once had due to age and injuries I decided to search for a trainer.  I wanted to find someone who was highly skilled with many years experience and also an athlete.  I'm glad I found Demetrios, since training with him, I have had remarkable strength gains, body fat is down and he has helped me with flexibility which has always been a major issue with me.   Can't go wrong with this dude! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

15 September 2018

Demetrios is not only an amazingly good personal trainer, he's also a great guy. I have worked with now for more years than I can recall. And he has stuck with me throughout MY digressions of not keeping myself in good shape!  He tailors each session to my specific needs. He comes to my house and has outfitted with a personal fitness center that fits in my coat closet. He is good for both my physical and mental health as I always enjoy our time together even when he's kicking my butt!!Thanks Demetrios!!  You're the best! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

15 September 2018

Demetrios is hands down the best trainer in San Francisco. He has a wealth of knowledge in functional strength training, mobility, core, flexibility and other areas. He can diagnose exactly what style of training you need based on your goals and helps you hit them fast. Also unlike a lot of trainers, he's a pleasure to be around. Makes those tough workouts more enjoyable. I'd recommend Demetrios to anybody looking for a great trainer. More...

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9 May 2017

I have worked with other trainers in the past, and I can say without hesitation that Demetri is the best trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area! He has the unique combination of years of hands on experience plus years of formal education. He has a deep knowledge of how the human body functions, and has clear insight of how to make mine achieve my goals! I can't speak highly enough about his style and attention to details. I recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer!! More...

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8 May 2017

I'm very impressed with his knowledge in overall health and fitness,  specifically core strength & conditioning and functional training. I would highly recommend Demetrios to anyone who is looking for a top-quality trainer! Simply The best!  Can't say enough good things about him, Demetrios is a phenomenal personal trainer!!! More...

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20 April 2017

Demetrios is simply the best!   He's been training for years and his knowledge and experience in the industry is obvious the very first time you work with him.  He is patient with you and really listens to your specific needs and goals for working out.  He will totally kick your butt and get in you the best shape ever!     Definitely sign up with Demetrios - you will not regret it More...

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3 April 2015

Demetrios is the most effective trainer I have worked with. His knowledge of the human body is simply amazing and makes me pay attention to every instruction  during sessions, but also gives me reason to follow my program between sessions.Thank you Demetrios!

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3 April 2015

Demetrios has trained me on many occasions and has always helped me achieve my goals. In the past when I was playing ice hockey he focused on exercises that strengthened muscles to improve my skating and had a significant impact on my game. More recently he focused on overall fitness and I have been pleased with his commitment to his clients and vast knowledge in cardio, core strengthening, and weight training. Highly Recommended!!! If you want results, call Demetrios! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

23 March 2015

Demetrios has been my personal trainer for the better part of 10 years. He has seen me thru multiple sports injuries and with his vast knowledge of physiology, he has helped me stay fit even thru all my recovery periods. I have had several trainers in the past, but no other has made the sessions so effective, efficient, grueling but fun at the same time. Whether hoping to get in shape or to stay in shape, Demetrios applies his tireless motivation and his expertise in the field of health and fitness to your particular needs. I give him 10 Stars!! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

22 February 2015

I've trained with Demetrios for more than 10 years. Over that time he has continued to make workouts interesting and to push me to reach new goals. He has a great understanding of anatomy and exercise physiology and has always tailored my workouts to a very holistic combination of strength, balance, and cardiovascular fitness, allowing me to capitalize on gains and adjust workouts to avoid injury. The level of dedication that Demetrios brings to his career as a trainer really is inspiring, and is one of the reasons why I have continued to work with him. He has a great personality, is both caring and tough, and is thoroughly reliable. I leave our sessions every week feeling both exhausted and refreshed.Really, I couldn't ask for a better trainer, and am happy to give him the highest possible recommendation. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

12 July 2012

I've been working with Demetrios twice a week for about 9 months in a small, private gym in my building and I couldn't be more satisfied.  As compared to when I started, I'm much fitter, stronger, and confident with my body, which has carried over into my taking better care of myself (diet and exercise) on non-training days, and has redefined my sense of my boundaries.  I've also lowered my overall cholesterol level nearly 35%, as well as my blood pressure, and by every measurement I'm healthier without any reliance upon medications.I appreciate that Demetrios varies my workouts consistently and has gradually challenged me to improve my performance, while taking care to ensure that my progress doesn't induce injury and follows from his careful assessment of how I respond each session, rather than, at times, my impatience.  Highly recommended. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

7 February 2012

Demetrios is an awesome personal trainer!  I try to work out with him 3 times a week at The Sports Club LA.  I also attend his group abs class on Monday nights (nothing but abs for 30 minutes).  Demetrios always introduces new exercises to keep the workouts interesting.  And he also helped me recover from a hip injury in time for me to run the Chicago marathon last year. More...

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4 June 2011

Demetrios is the elite of the elite in personal training. He is highly professional-he knows what to do and how to do it gracefully. He is an absolute gentleman, gracious, generous and patient. Demetrios accurately evaluates your current state of fitness and designs a safe, flexible  and thorough program to develop your potential while building your confidence and strength at the right pace. I have trained with him for about 3 years including rehab and strengthening after an unrelated rotator cuff injury. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient through the slow rehab and later stages. Unequivocal 5 Star trainer. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

27 April 2011

I've been training with Demetrios intermittently for the past year and it's been great for me. I've lost 20+ pounds and he's shown me how to keep them off easily. I'm also looking and feeling more toned than I have in years. When I started with him I had intense lower back pain and now, through his abs training, it hardly bothers me. He's also just a fun and nice guy. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

25 February 2011

Now in my early 40s but I can confidently say that I'm in the BEST shape of my life simply because Demetrios is my trainer.  It's never the same routine; in every training session there's always one or two new exercises to keep me challenged.  I enjoy the combination of a good workout routine (circuit...as he calls it) mixed with sports type exercise movements.  So if you're looking to gain strength, flexibility, tone, definition, and simply being happy with yourself and feeling good and alive after a workout....Demetrios is the guy! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

21 September 2010

Demetrios is a fantastic trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and diligent about creating a full spectrum plan, in concert with your physicians, to improve your quality of life. I suffered a very serious injury back in 2001 and Demetrios worked with me to get me back in superb shape over the course of a few years. Fellow Yelpers, he is one of the best in the business.He is a nice guy with a wealth of patience, expertise, and long term follow through. He continues to check on me once  in a while to monitor my long term health...without soliciting any business! How about that! So I thought I should write this long overdue review.He worked with me to get me back into top physical shape and was worth every penny and every long, challenging hourly session :) More...

Reviewed on Yelp

18 April 2010

Demetrios is an amazing trainer who delivers great results.  He is a trainer who can accomodate all types of individuals and sports training.  He will come to your home, workout outdoors with you or at the Sports Club LA if you are a member. I've worked out with Demetrios on and off for several years and have achieved superlative results.  These results not only  include increased overall conditioning but also rehab benefits such as core strengthening which alleviated my back pain. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

28 July 2008

A big hell yeah for the Greek!  He will bust your ass at any hour of any day and stil have time at night to bust out some sick dance moves at Vessel!

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28 April 2008

I had an opportunity to train with Demetrios - I am not a gym goer and was a bit nervous about it but he made the entire experience relaxed, highly informative and fun.  He's professional, and clearly and expert in physical fitness.  I would highly recommend him to anyone regardless of their personal fitness level.  With Demetrios you get the very best. More...

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20 February 2006

Trained with Demetrios in the past and he is a great trainer....achieved results within weeks....Great abs trainer for the abs group class. Check him out!

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21 December 2005

Demetrios is an advanced personal trainer, who specializes in flexibility, abs, and soccer.  He will ensure that you show improvement that you can feel and others notice.  He works with the SportsClub LA.

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By giving them a well structured fitness plan that we work together and accomplish.

Proper diet, well structured exercise routine and discipline.

Getting to know people and helping them to reach their fitness goals.

I have always had a business mind and by structuring my own fitness business it has allowed me to structure business plans more conducive for my clients.

Because of my extended education and certifications that many trainers don’t have. Also I can work with various ages of people with wide ranges of health and fitness goals.


In Person and Remotely.
Strength and conditioning
Rehabilitation training
Flexibility training
Core strengthening
Kettle bell and TRX training. Additionally, this program offers exercises specific to: physically impaired individuals - those with limited mobility and wheelchair users; individuals living with cardiovascular, metabolic, or pulmonary diseases; elderly people; individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Soccer strengthening and specific skills training.
Sports performance training.
Overall improvement of health abs fitness of all ages of people.