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Clients I work with have the following results:
1. Found their dream job in Corporate America.
2. Increased their salary by at least 10%.
3. Started a business.
4. Learned how to sit with uncomfortable emotions without the use of buffering (over-eating, over-exercising, over-drinking, over social-media checking).

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7 February 2021

I got a chance to have a virtual session with Maria, and it will most definitely be worth your time. She is a very very good listener and she objectively looks at your concerns and offers excellent advice and tips on how you can reach your goals. She offers good personal advice for well being and also gives me thoughtful comments and feedback on my business and goals. Look forward to speaking with her again. More...

7 February 2021

Maria's wonderful disposition really helped in our coaching session, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a sounding board to work through life/career issues.

She was positive, attentive, and posited unique perspectives that had no occurred to me.

If you are on the fence about scheduling a session, do it! You will not regret it.

21 January 2021

Maria Smithson is a great coach!

I’ve had coaches before, and Maria is what people need. Specifically, I contacted Maria because I need help with marketing a product. More on that in a bit. First, I’d like to explain why she is a great coach.

First of all, she is simply fun to listen to. She is cheerful and mentally sharp, and it is obvious that she has her client’s best interest at heart. You can tell when people care about you. How does she demonstrate this?

She is a great listener. She is warm, but she also got right down to business. Right away, she helped me clarify what my product is, who the potential audience would be, and then she got right down to asking many, many excellent questions.

What worked well for marketing your last product?

What was the second most effective thing you did?

Who would be your biggest audience?

Your product has obvious synergy with this other common product. How can we link them in the public’s mind?

We spent a good hour on these questions. In that time, I picked up seven powerful ideas. Some were new; others were things I already knew—but Maria drew them out of me! I might not have otherwise thought of them for months. It was awesome!

We concluded by nailing down what my first action steps need to be. These steps will take some work—but they will also be fun! They involve reconnecting with old friends. What could be better than that?

With her marketing background, sharp mind, provocative questions, and multifaceted approach, Maria deeply helped me. And for that, I am truly grateful.

15 January 2021

In 2021, I have taken a wise decision to have an interaction with Ms. Maria, who is the Founder of DreamYou Life and Career Coaching. Maria keenly listened all of my experiences, goals and aspirations and shared few of my problems that are hindering my progress. She suggested an effective solution for each and every problem in addition to that she shared her personal experiences how that helped her to transform things better in her life. I am highly energized, motivated and driven after our wonderful meeting with Maria. I have been slowly implementing solutions in to my daily routine to transform things around me. She is a very knowledgeable person, a positive influencer and an amazing coach. I would strongly recommend Maria's Life & Career coaching program to my colleagues, friends and internet family for a professional advice or help. Thank You. More...

15 January 2021

My session with Maria was fantastic! She was a good listener, enthusiastic, and offered insightful advice on navigating a challenging crossroads in my career path, and examining career options that were the best fit for me personally and professionally. She seemed genuinely concerned with reaching the best outcome possible, and even had relevant links and articles at the ready to help in my decision-making! I felt much more confident in my plans moving forward after our visit, and it definitely took a chisel to the “decision paralysis” I had been experiencing as of late. I would certainly recommend her for any career or life coaching you’re looking for. More...

1 January 2021

I just got off the phone with Maria from DreamYOU and I feel Enlightened, purposeful, and driven. We discussed how to change myself into a better person and we accomplished that with flying colors. This is more groundbreaking than 90% of all the traditional therapy sessions I've ever had. I am going to recommend this to friends and family because it's a really great and life changing experience being offered here 💯💚👍 More...

1 January 2021

Maria has allowed help me with answering some life and business questions that have never crossed my mind. She is great to talk to she takes any issues you have and personally becomes invested to make your problem her's. She looks at every problem from so many angles and able to bring up solutions to problems you never knew could pop up. Maria is great I wouldn't go anywhere else for career or life advise. Reach out and get the professional help she can provide and get things on track. My business is now in a better spot after implementing the advise she provided. More...

10 December 2020

Maria is so energetic and positive. She does a great job encouraging you to reach your goals and supports you along the way.

3 November 2020

Maria was incredibly professional and easy to work with! Helped me a lot

24 September 2020

Maria was a joy to work with, her positive attitude and friendly demeanor are infectious! Though I felt I didn't have many questions, she helped give me direction and provided avenues to explore in my job hunt. She is a total LinkedIn guru and is incredibly helpful with finding and providing useful, applicable information and insights in finding my next career option. I'm incredibly optimistic and excited to apply the insights she gave me and follow up with her soon! More...

16 September 2020

Great experience. Maria strives to efficiently get to the heart of an issue and works in tandem with you to solve/ improve it.

15 September 2020

Maria is profesional, credible and very experienced . After purchasing the DreamYou Career coaching package , I had a meeting setup with Maria where we went over my experiences, career goals and objectives. After our meeting Maria was able to digest this information and was able to tailor a strategy which led me through a series of interviews and eventually led to multiple offers that were inline with my career goals. It's worth noting that my background is very technical and it was very clear from the start that Maria is well vested in this line of work and was able to guide me through my interviews and was very responsive to my feedback. More...

8 September 2020

Maria was extremely informative and helpful. She helped me set up a solid plan to conquer my future goals and develop habits that would help me reach them.

DreamYOU Life & Career Coaching
DreamYOU Life & Career Coaching

Reply from DreamYOU Life & Career Coaching

Thanks John! I love how focused you are on developing long-term healthy habits. I have no doubt that your dedication will pay off.

8 September 2020

Maria is the BEST! Her enthusiastic and uplifting spirit is unmatched. She wants to see you shine, and with her help you are sure to!

DreamYOU Life & Career Coaching
DreamYOU Life & Career Coaching

Reply from DreamYOU Life & Career Coaching

Thanks Madeline! Its been a joy to coach you.


I love getting to hear people's stories and work with them to achieve goals they never thought possible. It's amazing to see mental roadblocks lift and to see clients gain clarity as type of life they'd like to create.

I've always been fascinated by people and their stories. In college, I fell in love with psychology and post college took Neuropsychology Predoctoral coursework to better understand how the brain works. I love coaching because it allows me to apply what I've learned to help people become the best versions of themselves.

I recently completed Clinical Neuropsychology Predoctoral Coursework from Roosevelt University. In addition, the past five years, I’ve worked as a staffing then in-house recruiter and have interviewed and placed 100+ candidates. Also, I’ve conducted interview preparation for 20+ candidates to interview for roles at places like VML, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Google. I’d love to transform you into YOUR BEST! I will listen, coach, and guide you into your desired potential.


-Shift from surviving to thriving.
-Learn how to sit with negative/uncomfortable emotions and let them pass without the use of buffering (over eating, over drinking, over Instagramming, etc).
-Become competent utilizing tools to navigate uncertainty, rejection, and change.
-Develop an internal locus of control and gain confidence in oneself.
-Develop positive habits that can last a lifetime.
-Develop new intentional relationships and lessen or grow existing relationships

-Clarify long and short-term career goals.
-Revise LinkedIn profile and resume.
-Create a “Dream Team 25” in Excel with dream company connections concretely listed out.
-Implement a simplified way to track progress weekly.
-Conduct interview role plays to make sure you’re ready to excel in your next interview.
-Strategize salary negotiation(s).