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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020



My name is Makal Riley, but I go by Mac, and I’m the proud owner of Dream Believe Achieve Fitness LLC. We offer personal trainers, yoga instructors, and nutrition counseling from licensed dietitians.

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31 May 2019

Mac is everything you could want in a personal trainer. I've worked with other trainers before and never followed through because I felt intimidated and always felt like I should be in SOME sort of shape beforehand. From day 1, I never once felt intimidated to work with Mac. I was 3 months postpartum and the 9 months of losing muscle beforehand-I was really starting from square 1 again. Mac's motivation, enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge is contagious to be around and I always looked forward to going to our sessions. He not only understands and helps with the physical part of becoming healthy, but also helps you overcome the mental hurdles we all face and must overcome. I would highly recommend Mac to anyone and everyone. More...

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28 May 2019

I cannot say enough about Mac Riley . . . 5 stars are not sufficient to rate the service, education and inspiration you will receive if you decide to train with Mac. I would give him 10 stars, if it were possible! In the few months I have trained with Mac and grown to know him personally, my self confidence has increased in my ability to make positive changes in my own life. Mac’s enthusiasm is contagious, and it is impossible to be in a bad mood when he is around. His love for health and fitness is a lifestyle, and he has the education and knowledge to back it up. He will go the extra mile to work with your schedule and is an outstanding motivator. It is quite clear he is all about living a healthy, strong and happy life, and wants to share his passion with his clients. If you have the opportunity to hire Mac as your trainer, you will not regret it. He is truly an all-round wonderful human and I HIGHLY recommend him! More...

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6 March 2019

I met Mac when he was working at Planet Fitness as a personal trainer. In the 6 or so months I had the pleasure of getting to know and train with him, Mac was a wonderful influence for me in improving not just my physical health, but my mental health as well. He was always so positive and motivated me to push through a workout even when I didn't feel at the top of my game. He is very down to earth and not afraid to be silly - which made the workouts more fun! I loved that he always invited us to challenge ourselves, or to slow it down if something was too hard. He really personalizes each session to the trainee and will modify things on the spot if need be. I miss getting to see his smiling face at Planet Fitness every Wednesday/Thursday, but wish him the best in his well-deserved endeavor. "And as always, thank you for your time effort and energy." More...

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5 March 2019

I always look forward to my group fitness with Mak! He inspires to go above and beyond! I highly recommend him!! Thanks Mak!

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1 March 2019

Time. Effort. And Energy. One of Mac's many mantra's! And as your trainer Mac will bring these things along with his expertise and positive energy each and every time. No matter your fitness level Mac will motivate and design a plan to maximize your results and focus your technique. Mac will also coach you so that when you train on your own you can do it with a deeper understanding and knowledge of how your body and muscles work. Where so many trainers attention sprays to their phones or idle chat amongst co workers and members Mac can typically be found buried in a text book studying and working hard for his clients. If you are a weekend warrior like me or a gym rat or have physical limitations Mac is your trainer. I have seen him working with the same energy with clients of all shapes and sizes. Since working with Mac I have seen amazing results and muscles in places ive never had in 30 years LOL. I cant give anyone a stronger recommendation than i would Mac. I have no doubt he would be successful in any field he pursued. Get on his schedule. Take a chance. Bring your time. Energy and effort. More...

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I'm a firm believer in consistency over intensity/progress over perfection.

I understand your fitness journey isn’t an all or nothing. Healthy happens when you make positive changes in the now, for positive results in the future. Regardless if those changes are subtle, massive, or cumulative . It's about forming healthy manageable habits that you carry/improve on throughout your life!

First, you have to except where you’re current at and recognize that it’s temporary.

Second, acknowledge that you’re in control of your current situation and that you have to make sacrifices for the things you want. Otherwise the things you want to become the sacrifice.

Third, get started where you are, with what you have, and in whichever way works before for you. There is no one-size-fits-all fitness plan... There is no diet that works for everyone. You have to find what works for you, your lifestyle,your time, and your budget. (And I’m here to help you through that)

Educating and inspiring!!!

Now don’t get me wrong I love it when my people achieve their goals, but what they gain in the process goes far beyond the physical. They have found a way to make fitness work for them through. They find enjoyment in their exercise, because they know what they’re doing, why they are doing it, and if they are consistent it will work.

Through all the struggles, I inspire and motivate them , which in turn teaches them how to inspire and motivate themselves. With this skill set alone, they begin to realize that they can get through anything with the right mindset.

Time... Time is valuable and I realized I wanted to invest in myself and in people who are passionate about progress.

"Who wants to pay the cost of admission and not see the show"

We all pay this cost of living... whether you believe it or not. We pay everyday we wake to face the same difficulties, obstacles, and distractions that left us so exhausted the day before. So why shouldn't we have our wants, happiness, dreams.

In the end who on this earth wants to face the harsh reality of never knowing what could have been.

Why choose me... because I want to teach, encourage, and implore you to dare to dream, to wake up excited/ go to bed satisfied, and to try without fail... In short, live each moment of your life to the fullest, because principles use in fitness can be applied to every aspect of your life. Allowing you to wielding every second to bring you one step closer to your own personal greatness.