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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Drake Star Detectives-Baltimore is the most referred, searched, and requested agency in the State of Maryland. Received several awards for Agency of the year in 2000 to 2008 and again 2010 to 2018, because of the work in high profile missing persons cases, homicide cases, and for being the firm hired by the TV Show "Cheaters" when filming in the MD, VA, and DC area.

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25 September 2020

I just finished using this company today. They are affiliated with a law firm, so after I caught my husband cheating, the law firm handled the divorce. This company is so far ahead of its time. They used decoys to catch the cheater in the act and the decoy had a body cam, the hotel room had cam, and even the waiter dressed in uniform at the restaurant was a private detective on the case. The mic was in the napkin box. I was completely blown away. I chose them because they kept me involved in the process like I was a part of the team. They were fast, affordable, and very effective. More...

24 September 2020

Private Investigators

absolutely ridiculous! The answering machine for this company is a joke where the guy pretends to answer the phone saying thst he can't hear you, then says "oh, i know why, its because its an answering machine ". Then I received a text that just said "Sup". I texted back thst it sounded unprofessional and the guy cussed me out. What a joke. Definitely don't use this service if you want to be taken seriously! More...

25 June 2020

Tracking your partner's phone is a very bold step to take because after getting what you have been searching for, it will make you very sad when you get to see all your partner has been doing behind your back. I know this because i have been in this situation and i was strong enough to get through with it and i don't regret decision to go through with it.
i saw all his
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100% guarantee of privacy and confidentiality. you will be able to see the deleted messages, and monitor voice call from your phone without touching target device


We love being able to help our clients with our advice, suggestions, and the ability to save them some money along the way.

We started this business because so much corruption exists in the police department and homicides were going unsolved on purpose. The first week, we solved 14 cases and are striving to maintain that productivity streak.

Our clients choose us because we are very responsive to their needs and concerns. We are often told how much lower our prices are as compared to other larger firms. We personally believe in our motto: We do it right the first time (and each time thereafter).

We can provide our quotes and free consultation services via Zoom or Skype and over the phone, but other services will require us to see the location on site. Most of our clients prefer the over the phone consultation and email communication.

All of our staff practice social distancing and also wear a mask. We also have had all of our agents take the vaccine for Covid-19.


When we conduct sureveillance, no one knows that we were ever there. We use military tactics and sometimes stealth tactics to get the job done as needed. We guarantee a job well done the first time ( and each time thereafter).

We use hidden camera, mics, thermal vision, trackers, etc. The end product would look like you are watching a professionally directed film or documentary on live TV.
Videos are downloaded and emailed to the client the following night.

We offer 3 types of mobile patrols. Foot patrol, Drone patrol, and Mobile patrol. The foot patrol officer can be highly visible or stealth such as patrolling undercover or in a suit and tie. The same goes for the vehicle. It can be marked or unmarked. The Drone, however, only comes in stealth mode and the method that we use is designed to not be detected.

The drone is not recommended in high winds and bad climates or near trees and power lines. The client receives a detailed report at the end of the day.

Escorts are armed or unarmed personnel that will drive your vehicle to work and to home or wherever requested. If requested, we will provide the vehicle for an additional charge based on the mileage or a flat rate for Unlimited Miles. The Escorts can drop you off or wait with you.
Decoys are random improvised actors/actresses that pretend to be someone else, sometimes even the client or a sexy mistress for a cheating husband or girlfriend. Decoy rates vary.

We can provide security for your retail store or mall location. Whether it is patrolling the mall or guarding the exit near the register, our eyes and tactics shall not fail. Statistics show that having a live loss prevention team in addition to loss prevention devices will decrease your likelihood of theft by 88%. Let's conduct an assessment along with your free consultation to make sure all of your needs will be met. As we always say, we do the job right the first time (and everytime thereafter).

We are a favorite choice of the District Courts of Maryland. We serve evictions, condemned notices, orders of repossession, ex parte orders, wage garnishments, collections notifications, and almost all notices. We have very affordable rates and serve on behalf of individuals as well as law firms and collection agencies. We have all types of creative ways to serve the one who constantly evades service. Our current successful service rate is 92% on all services to date.

Our intrusion checks are for employee integrity, breach testing, and quality assurance. We sometimes perform this service during your free consultation for loss prevention and home security. We make 3 random attempts to shoplift or breach a restricted area and give an assessment on how this could have been prevented and avoided going forward. We also randomly check your employees as a mystery shopper or mystery client to ensure they are performing at the company standards.

Our armed security is as proficient as the Security detail for the President of the United States. After all, one of our trainers is a former Secret Service Agent. We train our armed agents every 4 months on the shooting range to match or exceed their previous score.

The unarmed security is taught how to block and defend without touching and this technique is more so used now due to the pandemic than was ever used before. Give us a try and see the facts for yourself.

We conduct all types of investigations including homicide investigations and missing persons. Our clearance rate for investigations is 88%. Sadly, some missing persons are gone due to sex and labor trafficking or the persons are found deceased with no clear findings of what happened to them and joins the list of unsolved homicides that remain unsolved for the same reason. We are striving to improve the clearance rate as new clues arise over time and as technology is also developed to help solve some cases as well.

Our armed security is as proficient as the Security detail for the President of the United States. After all, one of our trainers is a former Secret Service Agent. We train our armed agents every 4 months on the shooting range to match or exceed their previous score and also on an obstacle course using mock scenario to protect the client. We also use a technique to block and defend without touching. This technique is more so used now due to the pandemic than was ever used before.

Try any of our services after a free consultation over the phone or at the site where our services are needed. There is no charge for this and the consultation should take no more than an hour