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DJ Alkimist

Washington, DC, Washington, DC

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I am a DJ with nearly ten years of experience DJing professionally and a classically trained violist and violinist with over twenty years experience.

I provide DJ services for a wide variety of events, including weddings, birthday parties, bat/bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, sweet 16s , sporting events, clubs and bars, fashion shows, corporate events and expos, holiday parties, and anything else you can think of.

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I always cater to the crowd. I'm really good at reading a crowd and being able to tell which songs are going to pop off. I also use cues from the crowd to tell me if I should let a song play out vs mixing quickly. I just want everyone to have fun and that's the attitude I bring to every gig.

I'm also big on the transitions between the songs. I create a nonstop party with no dead time between songs and I utilize my DJ skills and knowledge of music theory to transition seamlessly from one song to the next without creating an uncomfortable disruption on the dance floor.

Music is my life and has always been my life. I love being able to use music to bring happiness to others.

This is what I want to do! So, one day, I just did it. :)

This is my passion. I spend one on one time with each of my clients so that I can get a good idea of their vision and curate an evening that meets their musical needs. The music sets the tone of the event and it's important to me to set a positive, memorable (for the right reasons!) tone. I take pride in what I do and that comes across in my meetings with my clients and my work.