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Atlanta, Georgia


I’m a DJ from California my main genres are R&B, hip-hop, and trap hip-hop.. I am a DJ so I blend in with whatever the crowd wants me to play. I also have my own equipment two Barringer subs and also to Barringer PA’s


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It’s all about temple and what the crowd want to hear the DJ should never play what they feel is right is always about what the crowd feel

My style is very creative I can mix any genre With another.

But I love most about my job is meeting new people and also networking. I feel I wouldn’t be a DJ if it wasn’t for the people that I play for.

What inspired me to start my own business is going to college as a music major. I wanted to branch out in music and introduce myself to new rhythms and sound

I think you should choose me because I am very energetic and also willing to provide the best sound and music to any event that comes my way. And I make sure my clients are happy at the end of the day.