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Missouri City, TX, Fort Bend County

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Divine Destiny Counseling with Intent (DDCI) provides a professional spiritual based counseling service. Dr. Destiny Perry hold a PhD in Counseling Studies and is an abuse expert and domestic violence and sexual assault trauma specialist.

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Interacting with a diversity of individuals who all have similar needs to live a life free of abuse. Helping and serving others is my greatest joy. I love helping individuals to identify who they are (their purpose) and where they are going (destiny). To help individuals reach their break of freedom from past abuse and overcome the challenges and obstacles they have faced as a result of their traumatic past is the best feeling ever. This is a great reward!

In addition, I love to see youth and adults grow and mature in their education so they can positively impact their personal lives and their community. Learning does not have to be difficult, you just need the right persona to teach you. Teaching is about leading by example and building great leaders to lead the future.

As a survivor of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional/verbal abuse as well as a survivor of domestic violence I pursued the call God has on my life to help restore the life of others as He did for me. I wanted to motivate others to pursue change and not be afraid to face the tough challenges of their past so they can passionately purse their destiny fill with great purpose. God gives us all supernatural help to move forward in life. I am proof of God's divine power that intervened and changed my life from abuse, suicide, and death to a life of freedom and victory! Christ has truly been my redeemer!

Also, I'm so thankful to God to have a gifted mind to learn quickly and to be able to retain in a large capacity many things. I'm thankful for the gift to teach other with simplicity and ease that comes through the high intellectual gift of excelling at reading, writing, and math.

I am the BEST at what I do! I focus totally on the individual client in-depth. I have dedicated my life to this area and have become highly skilled and gifted at ministering to those who have been broken because of abuse and violence. I HAVE WALKED THE WALK. I have been in that dark place of abuse and violence and can help anyone get to the root of the abuse and the triggers and pull them up and plant new seed of life, wholeness, healing, and deliverance. I have written several books and performed research that assists clients in complete and total recovery. I have proven success to take the deepest darkest childhood abuse and or domestic violence experiences and lead clients in the light of total victory in their life!

I am a well rounded and open minded person who accepts other for who they are and start to counsel and or teach them based on where they are and who they are, but also where they are going in the future. I look to expanded the Destiny of others and giving hope to all areas of ones life.

All my services are available online only. I no longer offer face to face in person remote services.

I no longer provide in person remote services. All services are online.


Help children and adults with mental health issues, resolve conflicts and grow emotionally and spiritually.

Help couples resolve conflicts, preserve marriages and grow in love and intimacy.

Help couples prepare for marriage that have discovered personal conflicts with one another and learn communication skills, and evaluation of their relationship.

Help families resolve conflicts associated with parent-child conflicts, cope with child-focused problems, and understand one another.

Help child to cope with family changes and emotional problems and build social and behavioral skills. Provide educational support and direction for child's best learning style, environment, as well as educational path. May include tutoring and other educational services when appropriate.

Address concerns through assessing perceived mental health illnesses and diagnosis that interfere with mental functioning and processing of information, including intellectual, behavioral, and emotional disorders.