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19 May 2019

Thumbs up :)

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27 May 2015

Ghourri Smart Art

Reviewed on Google Maps

1 January 2013

I would absolutely recommend Digital Art Video's services for several reasons. Kim and Tanya were a pleasure to have around, they had the perfect combination of being both discreet, professional and personable.

The lighting was flattering, the editing truly captured the best bits, and everyone who's seen it couldn't believe that the whole thing was shot with only one (omnipresent!) camera. Somehow they succeeded in achieving a multitude of angles and recorded intimate moments, yet kept a sense of the occasion and formality.

Their service was truly bespoke - from the soundtrack down to the lighting - which bits to leave out and which to prioritize. I'm incredibly grateful to Kim and Tanya for creating a wedding video which I've already seen 10 times in as many days and haven't tired of yet!

Highly recommended.

Reviewed on WeddingWire

3 October 2009

Excellent service. Detail oriented. Quality videography.

Reviewed on WeddingWire

29 June 2009

Digital Art Video has a team of talented people and they are so easy and wonderful to work with.
My husband and I both agree the quality of work is amazing. They are one of our favorite wedding vendors. I highly recommend them. More...

Reviewed on WeddingWire

2 August 2008

Kim Wang is a great person to work with! We received many great responses from our friends and family about our wedding dvd, and we love it too! We highly recommend Digital Art Video! ~Anna & Victor More...

Reviewed on WeddingWire

27 April 2008

The owner, Kim, is a visionary. We just got our video. We are extremely impressed with his quality of work. It's amazing and he really put alot of thoughts and time into editing our video. I've spent a year and 1/2 planning my wedding and for each vendor, I visited approx. 30 before making a decision. However, when I first met Kim, I was very impressed with his work. He was very accommodating and professional. He did not try to sell us anything beyond what we asked for. He was very upfront with what we should expect (video editing took 6 months and we waited patiently (well worth it)). Just from our initial meeting, we were very comfortable with him and trusted his work. We hired him on the spot (which I normally do not do, I like to compare).

I highly recommend Digital Art Video. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed on WeddingWire

29 March 2008

While we haven't received our video yet, I have a feeling it will be great. Before and during the wedding, Kim Wang was nothing but fantastic to work with. The sample videos he showed us were awesome, and he also did my husband's sister's wedding and her video turned out so well. They were very accommodating, and just so professional. I loved them! More...

Reviewed on WeddingWire

27 October 2007

Digital Art Video did a great job for our wedding! They were very professional and would adjust to what we wanted. The videos were great. The music and the editing were synced perfectly and I loved how it was done. Kim W. was very communicative on what we wanted and really gave us some great memories. More...

Reviewed on WeddingWire

2 September 2007

I actually found Digital Art Video when I was helping my sister look for a videographer for her wedding. At first, she didn't even want a wedding video, b/c she said that they are cheesy. However, I showed her samples of Kim Wang's work on his website and she became interested. She visited him and was very impressed and ultimately was very happy with her end product. Of course, I saw my sister's video and was very happy with it as well. It's actually a video that you would want to watch over and over again. So, when I was getting marry, I didn't even bother looking for other vendors, my heart was set on hiring Kim Wang for my wedding.

Kim is a great person to work with, responsive, creative, and takes your suggestions to heart. His talent for creativity and professionalism is definitely evident in his video production. His editing skills is wonderful; he knows just how much to capture w/o going overboard. I highly recommend Digital Art Video for your wedding.

Reviewed on WeddingWire

8 October 2006


The video that they created was like something you would see on the silver screen. No cheesy dancing champagne glasses or disney characters popping up or balloons and confetti.

They are completely organized and all prices are listed in different packages.

Silvy was the videographer during the filming! She was fabulous and extremely friendly.

One thing you must be aware is that, they give you alittle homework. Which was fine by me, I just needed to submit is earlier so that they may start the editing process that could take up to 1 yr...BUT TRUST ME THE WAIT WAS WELL WORTH IT!

The HW was a sheet you need to fill out that listed the correct spelling of the wedding party and you pick like your 10 to 15 all time favorite songs that YOU WANT in your video. From there, they select which songs for your video montages/music videos.

I swear, the wedding video made us look like movie stars...we let them use their creative leeway...they was one couple we saw as a sample, they loved the martix and so Digital Art Video, created a Martix look! Amazing!

What I loved the most and wished there were more of...were the bloopers at the end. But most of my bloopers ended up with me and my potty mouth...and no I was nowhere near a brideliza...I was a goofy bride! My flower girl pasted out in church and you would never know it from the editing.

Great company, great service, great prices!

Reviewed on WeddingWire

20 August 2006

Kim is awesome! The moment we met with him and viewed some of his work, we knew that he was the videographer for us. He has worked with our photographer before (philip wu) and together, they were a great team! Kim captured many perfect and beautiful moments during our special day. He was great to work with during and after our wedding. He was patient with us when we took forever sending him pictures and songs. The only thing we're upset about was, when my husband and i finally sat time to watch the entire video, we caught a few editing errors and when we contacted kim, he said he had already erased our video and was not able to edit it anymore. However, it was a small error but none of the less, we still love our video. More...

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