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Ankeny, Iowa

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I am freelance web designer with over 5 years of experience.

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16 January 2019

Hello I hired the Scumbag Ganesh Kunapareddy 5 years ago. I had him do several websites for me and I thought he had potential. The problem with Ganesh is he never quite finishes a website. He can get it to about 80% the way you want then comes up with all of these excuses why it can't be done the way you and your clients expect it.

I probably paid him about $40, 000 US Dollars over this time period. I felt sorry for him and I would always just hire a local programmer to finish the jobs. He told me every excuse under the sun. My mom was dying, my brother committed suicide, my daughter has pneumonia, etc. As of December 2018 I fired him and told him never to contact me again.

He has hacked my servers several times and it has cost me thousands of dollars to reverse his deliberate damage to my business. I would stay AWAY from him and never hire him if I were you. He has recently been contacting my clients in the United States and telling lies about me. That I am a horrible person etc. and at the same time trying to Extort thousands of dollars from me.
He needs to be arrested and put in jail!!! I am contact a private investigation firm in India to find him and prosecute him. He is basically a plagiaristic web designer. He doesn't even do the work only the design in photoshop which any one can do and hires some programmer. Then he harasses you to pay him before any job is due or he hacks your website and hold you hostage!!!

Beware of this immoral con artist that will eventually try to ruin your business. He is not good at anything. He even contacted my wife and told her he was going to rape her and kill her. Games Karma is a [censored] buddy and i am sure everything you have done will come back to you 10 times harder!!! Maybe that is why your mom is having so many physical and medical problems http://www.dezignartworks.com BE WARE!!! dezignartworks@gmail.com


"Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment" Hebrews 9:27