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I am a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

We work together to overcome blocks that are holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams; experience fulfilling relationships; creating healthy habits and finding joy in the life you live.

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9 customer reviews

16 December 2019

Deni is life transforming in her work. She is truly gifted in working with people who have been through really challenging life issues. She is soft spoken and gentle in her ways. She is intuitive and can read through situations clearly to help navigate your healing and road to understanding how to avoid past repeated behaviors that do not serve your best life. She is truly one of a kind! If you are struggling in life and hurting deeply trying to escape past cycles of repeated behaviors, work with Deni: you wont regret the life changing decision! More...

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2 May 2019

If you are looking for a life coach or counseling. I would highly recommend you to scheduling appointment with Deni. She truly is gifted in helping people. She has so much passion, patience, and great listening skills. She helped me with gaining confidence in choosing the right man & feeling much better about who I am. I can't thank Deni enough & deeply appreciate her helping me be a stronger woman. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

17 April 2019

There simply aren't enough stars to demonstrate how high of a regard I have for Deni. As a blanket statement: she has been the most positively impactful person in my life that I'm not related to. I hope you'll continue to read further. I have seen numerous therapists (specifically for PTSD, grief, relationships and anger management) and never felt anything was solved. Deni was the first person who 1: made me feel completely comfortable. 2: allowed me to open up about more than I thought I had to. And 3: offered me IMMEDIATE ACTUAL HELP that would improve my life drastically THAT DAY. I cannot stress this enough.She is more than a therapist or even a coach, she is one of the few people that truly wants to help. The words 'office hours' and 'unavailable' do not apply to her. The tools that she's given me to help me move forward (not just dwell on the past) and become the happiest and most confident (so far) that I have been since the 3rd grade, are indescribable. In a short time my life went from seemingly pointless to impossibly prosperous. I could go on for days about how much she's helped me, but if you've read this far, I'd recommend you make the best decision you're not even aware of yet and reach out to her.Best of luck. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

6 November 2018

She helped me deal with my shyness and insecurities! Now I have met the girl of my dreams.

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5 June 2018

Deni is very compassionate and professional with her guidance to help you be a better you. No matter your story, past , or dreams Deni can help you recover, achieve, and rewrite your future. Love her genuine concern for your well being. Highly recommended!!! More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

11 April 2018

Very professional and has genuine concern for patients. Her desire to help patients succeed is evident and incredible. Wonder person and therapist/life coach. Highly recommend!!

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

11 May 2017

Deni Abbie is a truly gifted therapist. Her intuitive wisdom is profound and her ability to identify the underlying issues is uncanny. Deni helped me with my self confidence as I undertook a late-life career makeover. After just 2 hypnotherapy sessions with Deni, I was faced with my first two interviews in more than 32 years. In both interviews, I managed to "hit it out of the ballpark," with two great job offers within 24 hours of each interview. Deni's help was instrumental in my successful interviews. With additional hypnotherapy, Deni has also helped me to move forward with my life after divorce. Within days of my first therapy session with moving forward as a focal point, my attitude and my behavior began to change and to change dramatically. I have never met anyone quite like Deni. Her abilities as a therapist in changing behaviors are undeniably profound. I have recommended Deni to many of my friends and aquaintenances and I will continue to work with her to improve my own life. More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

14 April 2017

Deni worked with me in 2016 and as a result of her coaching, I have more confidence both professionally and socially. I have overcome some anxiety issues and I am better able to cope with stressful issues in a productive manner. I highly recommend her services to anyone. More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

13 April 2017

As a parent of an competitive athlete I searched for weeks to find someone that could understand the pressure on both parties, the athlete and the parent. Deni patiently explained to me how her work is NOTHING like the movies or magazine articles that use the dreaded word of brain "washing" . It is the art of self talk and how to use the tools Deni graciously gave my child to succeed. Deni gave me facts, not fiction. My daughter and I thrived on her help. My daughter is thriving on her new assistance from Deni. More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau