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Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary is locally owned, operated, and governed. Our principal owners, Chris Olsen and David Goldwater, have lived in Las Vegas for over 40 years. They have the backgrounds to assure Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary is well-managed and compliant with all laws and regulations.

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14 customer reviews

25 November 2020

I visited this place for the first time a few weeks ago and the experience was ok. Today I tried to go and couldn't get in using the exact same ID I just used a few weeks before. Just save your time and money spend your dollars elsewhere. The "Karen" at the intake window was a real bitch and shouldn't be interacting with customers. That was the worst customer ever. She was rude for no reason and she made a smart comment while I was leaving. I refrained from smacking the shit out of her. AGAIN, SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!!!! More...

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17 October 2020

As a disabled Vietnam Veteran, I use a lot of Medical Marijuana Concentrate to deal with the medical issues and pain I have as a consequence of exposure to Agent Orange while serving and consequently visit a lot of different dispensaries looking for the next best deal on good product.  Most dispensaries like NuLeaf, Sahara Wellness, Jenny's and others ALL give love and respect to those of us who served with a nice little discount as recognition.  INYO Dispensary however has no respect nor love for Veterans and overcharge them just like the public for their goods, which are inferior.  I purchased Shatter and ended up with runny sugar garbage.  See pictures of runny sugar and what it should have looked like. I know I will never go back to this Dispensary and recommend all my Brothers and Sisters who have gone into harm's way avoid this place like the plague.  No respect, no love = no business! More...

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22 September 2020

Super nice people work here. I came in and was able to use my Missouri Medical Marijuana Card here! In fact it was actually the first time ever I used it since MO is so far behind on opening dispensaries. They gave me lots of advice on products that would help me the most and spent as much time with me as I wanted. They also gave me a free gram pre-roll for being a first time patient! It was so nice to purchase and really be perceived as a patient instead of someone who just wants to get high. More...

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12 September 2020

Good trees nice people

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12 August 2020

Yo shout out to "DAZ" and the team for all their hard work. It's always a good time when you walk into Inyo!!!! If your looking for a place to grab excellent cannabis stop at Inyo, you won't be disappointed.

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26 July 2020

Even though it's limited on selection. The staff is to nice and the company is too generous to receive anything less than 5 stars.

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18 July 2020

this place is horrible!!!! the customer service sucks and the weed is asss u cant even say shit

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13 July 2020

Great customer service! we had an issue with the online website order and they fixed it right away and plus gave us an extra item delivered personally the next day! one of our new fav spots thank you! More...

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19 May 2020

Cool little quiet place. I didn't mind stopping by if I was in the area. Always have some kind of special running.They ABSOLUTELY lost me, my business and future referrals due to the fact that I received a whole text letter at 5 in the morning! No price is good enough to wake me up at 5am!! More...

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14 May 2020

Very nice dispensary, I ordered next day delivery and it was delivered in a reasonably time frame by a very nice delivery person.

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29 March 2020

Great delivery service I appreciate the matches and sticker,GODSPEED.

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13 February 2020

This has been my clinic for some time, I have been shopping for multiple occasions and I loved the place and the service, today for the first time I had refused entry, the lazzy receptionist told me that there was a problem with my documents and in a derogatory way  and rudely told me that I could not even go to look I do not understand why if I have my current snowfall license which I showed, my medical card also, I asked to speak with the manager because this situation seemed uncomfortable, William Naples was the person who attended me, and  It was the worst attention I have received, he gave me many policies for which he could not let me in, I do not understand what his discomfort was, since I have already visited this store and I have bought before in repeated occasions, really this service to clente is pity  , I can only say that I will never return to this establishment, they should have educated people working and with judgment, this was really the worst experience I have had in dispensery. I wish to have opcion to put 0 stars this is really disapointed More...

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31 January 2020

Hi I think I'm going to love this shop I don't know just yet but I believe that it's going to be a very important stop in my life today

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15 January 2020

The staff is very professional and friendly. Clean, polished, and knowledgeable. I wish they had my favorite strain Northern Lights . They offer points to members, discounts to the military, and the more you shop the more you save. Overall: 9.6/10Red More...

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