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I guide you to transform subconscious blocks that don't allow you to do the things you want to do or be the person you want to be into new beliefs which allows you to increase your self-worth so you experience a life you have created and love.

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1 November 2021

Thank you for the tremendous gift you offer in the world. Your business, intuition, encouragement, tech know-how and love made it possible for me to finally show up in the world the way I desire.
You created the space for me to shine and be visible in a way that empowered me and gave me the hand holding and support I needed to move forward.
Working with you was easy and your brilliance in knowing what I wanted even when I couldn’t quite articulate it was amazing. I love how you took all the parts of our coaching sessions and weaved them together to create the perfect website and branding identity for me. I love your finesse!
As a result of what we created together I have been confident in sharing myself in the world- something I have been reluctant to do until now. And, I have had people reaching out to me that I haven’t heard from in years!
Thank you for giving me exactly what I needed. I am forever grateful for you and your talents.
I would like to add a special note in here to say: anyone thinking about working with Danielle- do it! You will thank yourself for trusting in her to help bring your vision for yourself and your business forward. She is extraordinary. She will connect the dots for you and help you in countless ways.

1 November 2021

I wasn’t sure which of your services would work for my situation but it was really great that we were able to work out a custom plan for me instead. My confidence has grown immensely personally and professionally in order to face challenges and blocks. Before coaching I was lacking these tools and holding onto fears that you helped me work through and accomplish: hosting an oil class on my own, reaching out to people about my business, becoming more vulnerable on social, etc.

I liked that you were flexible with my crazy schedule, punctual, encouraging, held me accountable, full of insight and offered great ideas and strategies! You’re also so easy and enjoyable to talk to and instead of it feeling like I was talking to a therapist, it was more like spending time with an insightful friend. I have a vivid vision now that I actually feel I can obtain. I have tools that can guide me through the rest of this process of getting my business up and running, along with healing other areas of my life.

I would absolutely recommend coaching with you! You made my business idea feel valid, important and worth working towards. This interactive process was the push and validation I needed to know that I can do this and it will happen! - which message I don’t think I would have received through any other channel - self help books, FB groups, therapy, etc. You also know your shit! You have so much confidence and experience to share and advise on in so many different areas/ways - holistically, knowledge, etc.


I love supporting people in creating the life they want. It's such an amazing feeling when people grow from where they were in any area of life. I believe that when we're following our hearts, doing the things we love (both in work and outside of work), and sharing that with others it creates a ripple effect. It's one of the most impactful things we can do as individuals that allows it to spread to the community.

I was inspired to start my own business when I felt like I couldn't be my fully expansive self within the work settings I was in. I worked helping employees grow as much as I could but it was in the confines of the company. I didn't want to have those limitations with people anymore.

Clients should choose me because they feel comfortable, safe, and have trust in me. I do take pride in not judging people, meeting them where they are at, and never imposing how I live my life on anyone else. We're not meant to be the same, we're meant to be our beautiful and unique selves and that's what I want to continuously help people do.

I provide most of my services online via zoom. I do also have in person hiking and regular sessions for my location.

Since most of my clients are online there isn't much to do. However, for in person sessions are always outside and in a location that's comfortable for both my client and myself. I will never subject anyone to entering a space they are not comfortable with.


My 1-hour expansion focused intro calls are designed to go deep really quickly. We’ll get to the heart of where you’re at in life and what you truly desire so that we can have an action plan that suits you as you expand into the fullest version of yourself. We’ll cover the areas of your life that are most important to you right now and I’ll guide you through your action steps while keeping you accountable throughout the journey and cheering you on the whole way.

**Los Angeles Area Only**
Through this Energy Moving Hike Session, we meet in person on a hike through Griffith Park and go through the challenges of getting your energetic mind & body in alignment. This session is all about integrating your mind & body and recognizing the energy you take in and the energy release. I’ll help you clear out old energy and create a plan for expanding and bringing in new energy.

Choose between a regular or business focused session. This session is designed to get into the heart of who you are and discover what YOUR unique strategy is to approaching life. We’ll go over your Human Design chart and how to utilize that energy in different aspects of your life. If you have been feeling unmotivated, stuck, or misaligned with life, this is a great place to start!
(2 hour session)

A 3-part experience to bring you back to who you truly are. This experience was created from the heart for those who want to reconnect with their inner nature. Recognizing your gifts, knowing your values, and updating your beliefs are at the core of this experience. I use my 4 favorite tools to help you discover untapped gifts within you for an opportunity to see more possibilities for you and your life. There is an option for either an in person or virtual experience.