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Daniel Molnar Training LLC

Redwood City, CA


Discounted sessions for your first month! No matter how many sessions you do in your first month they're all going to be at a substantially lower rate!
Peace of mind while bringing back your fitness!

Due to these unfortunate circumstances training is highly recommended to be done outdoors and/or remotely while also adhering CDC guidelines.



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The initial consultation is usually followed by an in-person (if applicable) meeting where we get to know each other even more. During this session we'll do a fitness assessment and, if desired, a simple training program to demonstrate a variety of workouts we may be utilizing in the future.
Once we start the "serious" work the workouts will be built on each other, therefore, it is important that we keep a consistent schedule.
Realistic goals will almost always lead to success and allow progressive improvement.
It's also important that we keep a constructive dialog where we address any thoughts, positive or negative.

There are no secrets here.
You have to put in the work whether it's a well thought-out nutritional plan or an appropriate workout schedule.
Experienced trainers will be able to help you master this routine so you'll be able to do it on your own.

If you love computers you might as well be a software engineer.
If you love money and numbers why not work for a bank?

As a professional triathlete I enjoy exercising and coaching others to their potential is an obvious (next) step for most athletes.

This is what I can and enjoy doing. As a long-time athlete I always felt that I'll, at some point, I'll slowly transition to passing on my knowledge onto others to help them reach their own potential.

There are hundreds of trainers out there. You only need one. If you give me a chance you'll see that training can be fun and results will come.


One-on-one training

Up to 2 person

3+ person, groups