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I help women to heal from past trauma & increase their self love and confidence so they can start their heart centered business and call in their soulmate.

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3 May 2021

No empathy, wisdom, or positivity. If you’re looking for someone to harshly judge you, pick you apart, and invalidate your feelings I highly recommend wasting your money and time with Crystal Lynn.

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9 April 2021

I had an Aura reading with Crystal and it was a wonderful experience. In addition to powerful energy work, she gave me practical tools to support my healing journey. Lots of amazing insights surfaced during our time together that will support my business and relationships. Thank you 🙏💞 More...

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4 January 2021

I highly recommend Crystal's Coaching and Release Workshops! Crystal is an amazing warm and kind person. She has such an incredible energy! Crystal guided me on which course would be most beneficial to me and we decided that Level Up would be a great fit. Level Up has helped me transform in so many ways. Crystals gentle approach has helped me to start taking steps towards my goals and develop healthy daily habits. The course has helped me to silence negative chatter and tune into positivity. Crystal is a brilliant coach and I look forward to working with her in the future! More...

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30 December 2020

I find Crystal’s approaches very empowering and wonderful in her ability to connect. I highly recommend becoming a part of her tribe and adding her mentoring to your backpack to carry with you everywhere through your life events.

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16 November 2020

I had been struggling with my personal growth and couldn't figure out why. I knew something had to be deeper than what I remembered on the surface. So I reached out to Crystal for a past life reading. Some of what she told me explained exactly why it seems so difficult to break free from what is deeper than my conscious memories. In the reading, I asked what I needed to do to help myself heal. Again, some of what she said made complete sense as it is what I loved doing when I was a kid and felt care free. It also reinforced that I was born to do what I only recently discovered as a true passion in my life. I followed the steps Crystal gave me and I am finally starting to feel lighter and more confident that I will finally be able to break down my walls. More...

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17 October 2020

I’ve had the privilege of working with Crystal over the last three months. When I started I was feeling overwhelmed with limiting beliefs, fear & wanted to hide behind my perfectionism. CLP supported, coached and encouraged me to get out of my head and listen to my intuition and heart. She has been instrumental in holding me accountable while guiding my transformation and journey to raise my energy & live a healthier lifestyle. CLP creates a heart centered and empowering space with her group and 1:1 coaching. Her energy is inspiring and she provides a balance of support and stretch that honors exactly where you’re at & gently guides you beyond your fears. She incorporates an intuitive reading to start off your session then dives into her coaching and ends with a reiki session. WOW, what a creative and unique combination of support. I have been growing my life & business coaching practice while stepping into the next level of confidence needed. Thrilled that I said YES in investing in my future. My husband seconds that too. Lol. I would highly recommend you connect with CLP. I sure am glad I did! Christine M. More...

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I love seeing my clients shift and transform. They always change in more ways then they could have imagined. They are more confident, happier, bolder. They go after what they want.

When I went through the process of getting divorced, I started coaching others. I knew my life experience plus my gifts and strength would help women to take their power back, heal, reinvent themselves and thrive.

Yes all services can be provided remotely via a zoom call or phone call.


This is a 3, 6 or 12 month coaching package that is personalized to you.

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