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I am a NYC-based Author, Artist, and Life Coach with a BA in Art Therapy, and 20+ years of working with the Tarot.


Until January 31 @ 12AM I am offering a $10 Digital Tarot Deck + FREE ebook + FREE 1 HR Tarot Lesson 1-on-1.

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Helping people to tap into their innate creativity through Art & Journaling. It makes me smile to see someone confident in their creative process and exploring key life issues using their intuition.

COVID-19 arrived in NYC and wasted no time turning everybody's lives upside down. I live in Harlem and for many years, dreamed of opening a free/by donation community art center for underserved populations. Everyone deserves access to explore their creativity, it is a basic human right, and it is needed for growth. I've set up my online platform to accommodate people from all walks of life who need access to caring, nurturing life coaching. I am Social Justice driven and my cause is everyone having access to the same resources, regardless of their ability to pay.

My trauma-informed Therapeutic Art background is something I am very passionate about and spans 16 years. When I say trauma-informed, I mean that I am a product of the NYC foster care system, and a survivor of various childhood traumas.

I've been there, I understand trauma, and so do all of us to some degree. In my own efforts to transcend a traumatic past, I am now thriving and living a life that makes me happy. I would like to show you that you are 100% capable of moving on from any troublesome issues and building a happy, bright future. You are not perfect, but you are not your mistakes.

I also offer numerous resources outside of coaching sessions that are budget-friendly, and just creative and fun. If tapping into your creativity to explore and resolve life issues and goals via simple art projects and fun writing prompts, I am your "go-to" for life coaching. I promise to keep it fun and light-hearted, and I can empathize with you immediately.

You are welcomed to book your coaching sessions directly on my website and we will connect via a Zoom link sent to your inbox when you schedule. Everyone is welcomed to a 30-minute coaching call free of charge to discuss your coaching needs and budget.

I've kept my prices affordable and reasonable for anyone who needs Life Coaching. You can enjoy a FREE 30-minute coaching call on my website and check out my online courses to see if my coaching style is a fit for you. From there, my hourly rate is $100 or we can develop a custom program for you based on your needs and your budget.


Borrowing from my Art Therapy training and passion for Mindfulness, lets explore one major life area at a time by engaging your innate creativity. Together we can come up with art projects, journaling prompts, and mantras to help you set clear intentions. The Universe is lover of clear intentions and creative energy to make some big changes in the direction of your ultimate goal of happiness, inner peace, meaningful relationships, abundance mindset, and so much more!

For an introduction to Creativity Coaching I recommend enrolling in my FREE Online Art Class.

"The Inner Compass Online Art Project"

To enroll copy and paste this link into your internet browser: and following the prompts: https://bit.ly/2Boqok4

As with all of my services, you are welcomed to a FREE 30-minute coaching call to discuss how we can work together based on your goals and budget!

Book your FREE Call here: https://bit.ly/2DQFhMz

I am a NYC-based Author, Artist, and Life Coach with a BA in Art Therapy, and 20+ years of working with the Tarot.


Until January 31 @ 12AM I am offering a $10 Digital Tarot Deck + FREE ebook + FREE 1 HR Tarot Lesson 1-on-1. Space is limited!

This combo sells for $100 so get your discount while supplies last!

Copy and paste this link to download your Digital Tarot Deck for just $10:

➡️ https://therapeuticart.dropfunnels.com/course/home-page/

With your Digital Tarot Cards you can do anything you want:

➡️ Print your Tarot deck with your beautiful logo or design on the back!
➡️ Create Tarot-themed merchandise, use your intuition!
➡️ Incorporate Tarot archetypes into your spiritual coaching practice with clients!

With your FREE eBook + 1 HR Lesson you will be up and running as a Tarot Card professional within a week! Read for personal growth and a fun side gig with friends, family, and your clients!