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Costa Caribe II, an exciting new off-premise event services company specializing in planning special and corporate meetings and events. Costa Caribe II gives the continuing popular trend of corporate and social events distinctly new spin, appealing to young urban professionals, baby boomers, corporate executives and people who appreciate good service.

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1. Start with ingredients they are likely to have on hand at any given time.
2. Pick fresh ingredients with year round availability.
3. Look for a dish that will be great if made a day in advance or just a few minutes prior to serving.
4. Imagine our dish fitting easily with a variety of entrées
5. Consider appealing to a wide range of dietary needs and preferences.
6. Most importantly, make our signature dish something that they enjoy, that fits your health goals, and could satisfy your hunger.

*Plan for Special Customer Needs. ...
*Determine Menu Cost and Selling Prices. ...
*Choose Their Menu Style and Menu Design. ...
*Decide on Their Main Produce and Ingredients. ...
*Be Creative But Realistic.

It's our passion to serve people and being part of their memorable day!
I loved how I was challenged every day in my last position. While I wasn’t solving the world's problems, I was allowed to step outside of my comfort zone and take on new business challenges. I was very appreciative of the fact that I was able to interact with our customers. Even having the opportunity to see customer support emails was enough for me. I’m a people person; I love thinking about how our customers are real people with real needs. That was fulfilling for me.

Innovation and creativity are necessary traits for a successful entrepreneur, and you'll hone those skills daily. Knowing that each day brings new challenges, exciting opportunities, and a chance to engage my passion is reason enough to start my own business.

* They can find us online
* We provide excellent customer service
* We offer Quality
* We are Trustworthy
* The price is right!
* We serve with passion, cares and listen to our clients

We can communicate with customers via online, phone or in person

Early intervention is key to slowing down the spread of coronavirus and mitigating the impact of the pandemic on our place of work. If COVID-19 has not yet begun to spread in the community, developing an action plan can prepare us to make the necessary changes to our business practices for keeping our customers safe. Creating a response plan involves looking for resources and doing thorough research on how to limit customer exposure in the area so we desire to offer masks, and check for fever upon entrance of the venue as a complimentary of course upon customer's approval.


We specialize in Spanish and American food. Please refer to our website for detailed menus