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Core Security Solutions

Uptown, California


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30 December 2018

If you are a local Retired Law Enforcement Officer in search of a true professional to assist you with your HR218 LEOSA qualifications needs, look no further than CORE Training Solutions. The good folks at CORE truly make it so easy for you to get in, and get out of there with exactly everything that you would ever need to keep you completely in HR218 compliance. The Rangemaster (Randy Fritz) is very knowledgeable of exactly what is required for  LEOSA candidates, and he has in turn developed a solid HR218 shooting course that will make you glad that you've chosen firearm training professionals to guide you smoothly through it. I highly recommend CORE Training Solutions, and this very well conducted HR218/LEOSA qualification course of theirs. More...

9 April 2017

On 04/09/2017 I attended the LEOSA Firearms Qualification Course at The Gun Range in Sacramento. The course of fire was conducted by Randy and monitored by Shirley, both of CORE SOLUTIONS. Sometimes the LEOSA Credential is easy to obtain (for retired Law Enforcement) however the required annual firearms qualification is difficult to locate, especially in California. This course was run on a Sunday afternoon, the range firing lanes were reserved in advance, and The Gun Range offered all of us Law Enforcement discounts. CORE SOLUTIONS really has their course down to a well organized, very professional class that gets the job done without fooling around. Randy is quick to make note of improvements that can be made and he runs a tight ship when it comes to the safe handling of firearms. For those of you searching for a great company to turn to for your annual LEOSA Qualification, CORE SOLUTIONS is the only place to go!! More...

13 February 2017

Professional, efficient and knowledgeable. Enjoy our HR218 CCW Qualification Yes, Virtual Safe Shot also needs to be certified Thank you Randy Fritz Virtual Safe Shot

12 February 2017

Excellent training by professionalsRandy Fritz is a great instructor and enjoy the HR218 qualification at the Gun RangeThank you Randy

11 February 2017

I'm a retired federal law enforcement officer who now works in the corporate security industry and I was looking for a single source security professional in the Bay area that could satisfy all my training requirements for California BSIS guard card, BSIS exposed firearm permit, first aid, CPR, AED and the most challenging, H. R. 218 (LEOSA) firearms qualification.  I found exactly what I was looking for at Core Training Solutions.   The staff at Core Training Solutions are solid professionals who are well versed in the subjects they instruct.  The firearms instructors run safe ranges while not being overly rigid.  The first aid, CPR and AED instructors keep you motivated, on point, and ensure you are proficient in those life saving skills before you walk out the door.  The staff at Core Training solutions are friendly and work hard to accommodate schedules, which was a huge benefit for me.  If you are a security professional in the bay area looking for a trust worthy, dependable and credible one stop training source, I highly recommend you contact Core Training Solutions. More...

24 September 2016

I recently completed my online bsis guard card certification through Core Training Solutions. It was very easy to navigate through the website. I also completed my exposed weapons training through Core Training Solutions. The instructor Randy Fritz is great!  All the training received on line and in-house is professional and meets all the requirements for bsis licensing.  Thank you! More...

1 August 2016

I recently attended the Security Guard Firearms Permit course. At every step of the way, from initial contact, registration, thru the time the course was completed, they were there for me and with me. Randy was the instructor. He very successfully used his previous experience in, for us to relate to as it applied to this course. He has obviously had a lot of experience in this field. He was very successful in communicating this material to us. I am looking forward to my twice-a-year re-qualification requirements. More...

19 July 2014

Core Security Solutions is a great community service oriented company. I run a youth development non profit (eoba.org) in Oakland and Core Security is always willing to volunteer at our events. Their management team consistently volunteers at our monthly food distribution and at special events such as our annual holiday toy distribution. Their guards are always very professional and their management team is always very responsive. Core Security is a wonderful community partner. I would recommend Core Security to anyone needing security guards in the East Bay. More...

19 July 2014

I have met with several of the officers on post. All are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Very impressed.

3 July 2014

Core cleaned my property up in no time.  My company recently acquired a 30,000SQFT building in downtown Oakland that had been neglected for some years.  There were constant issues with vandalism, squatters and graffiti.  in the past we've used ABC and Securitas and they both sold me a dream and delivered a luke warm illiterate body in a uniform...  not cool.   Core was a bit more expensive than I had hoped to pay but only by a couple bucks, one of their directors took the time to explore my site and did a further analysis in his own time.  Contract was straight forward enough.   The very first night they had OPD on site dealing with some riffraff that was trying to get in to the building via loose plywood covering a broken window.  I can't even get OPD to pick up the phone if I'm not in the middle of Beruit let alone get them to show up.   I received reports on what was happening at the property and they were very good about communicating to the guards who was and was not allowed on site while we were dealing with construction etc.  I wish I could afford them permanently but on a smaller project like this, full time permanent security guard is not in the budget.  Im forced to settle for a cheap camera system, and while that doesn't discourage anyone, at least it discourages my insurer from gouging me.  I look forward to hiring this company again on my next project.-Mark H.  Oakland CA More...

13 January 2014

I'm surprised these guys don't have more reviews.  I see them all over downtown and they're always courteous. After firing another local company whose guards pretty much were constantly asleep on the job, a friend of mine at OPD recommended Core. I guess the founder and a number of the supervisors were with the Armed Forces and Oakland Police Department.  Anyways, they're always polite, professional and punctual which is all I've ever asked for from my security guards. (My retail store is on the edge of downtown Oakland... it gets pretty questionable at night).  I'm happy to say they've been very effective.  Even the neighbors have thanked me since I hired Core because I guess there used to be more car break-ins before I hired these guys to patrol my part of the block.  Since Core Security, no more break-ins, less graffiti, less riffraff and my staff feels much safer coming and going from work at odd hours.  I'd recommend them any day. More...

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