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We DJ backyard parties, Sweet 16s, Weddings, and everything in between. Our company has 6 different DJs to choose from, all with different backgrounds, and styles. Our DJs are between the ages of 18 and 27 so we can hit every age group! All of our DJs have their own equipment and can provide basic compact DJ sets up with white or black table cloths or large sets ups with and events up to 500 guests!

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Constantly mixing in and out of every genre the dance floor likes. And only playing the chorus's and hooks of songs.

When you hire a DJ, I view them in 2 categories. The Club DJ, Corner DJ or Wall Flower DJ. Someone who has zero stage presence and isn't making an effort to "Run The Crowd". And then there's me, the Performer, I grew up in bands and performing live music so my stage presence transferred over to DJ'ing very well. I am very leading and I can definitely control a crowd!

No cubicles, no offices, every gig or job is in a new place with new people. It's one big adventure especially taking into count all the new music that I learn about and get to pass on.

My dream is to be a "rock star"! The DJ the producers music and tours the world stage. In order to reach that goal, I needed to start on the small scale. Starting a DJ business back in high school seemed like the right path and I haven't looked back since.

At first, I did't want to be a catch-all company. I wanted to express my own style and DJ how I wanted to. But soon I learned that the client and more importantly the dance floor is the boss of the DJ. I feel that I am very respectable and have great problem solving skills, great when I need address changes on the fly. My company also has 6 different DJs, male and female, different ethnicities, and ages. These are people that came to me in search of their own DJ dreams and I so happened to have a platform where they can perfect and define their skills.