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Whether you strive to look your best, live a healthier lifestyle, manage a specific health challenge, or energize your work force, Compleat Nutrition counseling will create a customized strategy to set your goals and provide insight and support to achieve them.

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23 July 2018

Katie was absolutely incredible in guiding me through my nutrition during my pregnancy -- she took the time to make sure I understood why she was making the suggestions she made and the suggestions were all so doable! I am not the best eater and knew I wanted to eat right for the baby - she really got me on the right track so I was eating well for baby and for myself! Katie is a pleasure to speak with and knows what she is talking about! More...

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23 July 2018

If you're looking for a
Nutritionist who knows her stuff and instantly makes you feel comfortable, look no further than Katie,She is truly a gem! Over these past few months, my husband and I have been plagued with colds and feeling run down over this winter and we were looking for a change to feel better. We met with Katie and she designed a great program for us that we've been following. When you hear the word, "cleanse" you instantly think of those juice cleanses and constantly being hungry! Katie's plan is NOTHING like that. The recipe suggestions she provided are amazing, so tasty, affordable, and easy to make! There's plenty to eat and you're always feeling satisfied and never deprived. Even my two young sons (ages 2 and 4) ate this along with us and often times we're asking for seconds and thirds, (especially the soba noodle soup!). By the end of the first week, I lost 2.5 pounds and my husband lost 4, which was a bonus. We instantly felt better, had more energy and no longer sluggish after meals. My husband and I are committed to incorporating this into our lifestyle and making better food choices for ourselves and our family- thanks Katie for the encouragement!

Katie is so patient, she listens to her clients, she has a great sense of humor, and offers great advice. And once you meet her, you instantly feel like you've known her forever. I can't recommend her enough!

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23 July 2018

This woman is beautiful inside and out!
She is talented, positive, hardworking, creative, and an all around gorgeous person who will bring only HAPPINESS to your life! �

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23 July 2018

Katie was so incredibly helpful in guiding me through what to eat and not eat during my pregnancy and fertility treatments. katie took the time to put together a full program that was easy to follow and stick to. I feel due to what I learned from Katie is one of the reasons I have had such an amazing pregnancy. I highly recommend Katie for your Compleat Nutrition More...

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23 July 2018

Compleat Nutrition is my go to place for amazing clean recipe ideas and working towards a balanced lifestyle. Katie is so thoughtful about keeping food creative, satisfying and delicious but she also keeps the indivials health concerns whether is is allergies, immune or just trying to work to you ideal bidy weight. The plan is so easy to follow and fun! Thank you Katie and Compleat Nutriton. More...

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13 July 2017

I hired Katie to speak to my team about eating for energy. Her content was fantastic and delivery even better. The whole room was very engaged and felt comfortable asking both complex and basic questions.

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5 October 2015

Best in NYC -Very personable, well educated lady who Knows her field!

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Diet is the most important foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is also very important, but one can not exercise their way out a unhealthy diet. The body is a amazing chemistry set and the food we eat directly impact how we function. I believe in the healing power of food!

There is so much misinformation about diet in our culture! I love helping people see through the hype and fads to get to what will work best for their body now and for the long haul.

I developed a passion for nutrition while overcoming my own health challenges. After a year of suffering with mysterious symptoms, I was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis during the week of my 19th birthday. During the next two years I rode a roller coaster of flair up and remission, health and sickness, dos and don’ts, months in hospital, and over 40 pills per day to manage my symptoms. Ultimately the disease ravaged my body beyond the limits of healing or repair and her large intestine was removed during a lifesaving emergency surgery. Although these times were difficult, it provided a well of learning experiences that I have been able to draw from again and again for myself and her clients.

“In an age where most of us believe we are infallible and don’t think too much about our health, I was learning how rare and precious it is to be truly healthy. I wouldn’t trade having gone through those experiences because it has made me a more compassionate person and I tend to not sweat the small stuff. Aside from the unrelenting support of my amazing family, friends, and a dream team of care providers, the element that helped me thorough it all was a sense of humor. Sometimes you have to laugh!”

During my recovery I was shocked to learn that there were few guidelines as far as diet and health maintenance for a person in her position. The surgery had resolved the disease, but if she was truly cured she wanted to feel fantastic, not just fine. With that, I began doing my own research and immersed herself into any article or book I could get my hands on to learn what to eat to feel my best. I begin applying her new knowledge into my own routine and finally began to reveal the healthy person I always knew was inside. I discovered that there was a real cause and effect to food and health. Soon I was sharing recipes and tips with her friends, family, and co-workers. I loved teaching others about her passion and realized that I wanted to do it for a living. Following her heart, I took a leap from a career in sales and enrolled as a full time student.

I have a Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition therefore I only follow techniques that are evidence based, proven, and safe.