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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We offer a truly turn key solution when it comes to your online presence. Our services cover all aspects of digital marketing from website design and SEO to advertising on major social networks. When you want something done right the first time with results to back it up, we will take care of you.

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7 November 2019

The best online marketers I have used. Cost effective, accessible and cares about his work. Try it, You'll like it.

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18 September 2017

My business has been working with Coded Sky for the last couple of years and have had a wonderful experience. I needed a website to be designed for my needs and budget and Coded Sky spend lots of time giving me suggestions to what I needed for the website. The result was exactly what I wanted, fitting with my budget and timing. Coded Sky has continued to help me update and maintain the website. They continue to support me and my business. I highly recommend them to Individuals and businesses that need expert and personalized help with their computer needs! More...

8 August 2017

Tom is knowledgeable, fast and easy to work with. I am really pleased with the website he built for us. Thanks so much Tom!

4 August 2017

Tom is awesome to work with - he was able to build and customize our site to exactly what we needed. We will definitely be using him again!


It speaks to your target audience in a way which compels them to interact or leave their contact info.
Is responsive on all devices.
Has loading times that get high scores in Google's mobile site checker.
Ranks for multiple keywords and long-tail keywords in the search engines.
Is secure and is routinely maintained and updated.
Has a good reason for people to visit it.
A source of some kind of information that is of use to its target audience.
Visually enticing and excellent usability.
Modern in terms of design without distracting elements.
Has a decent blog or vlog that is updated with fresh content.
Is used as a marketing tool.
Offers support if needed for potential prospects who may need immediate help.
Can be easily integrated with various functionalities now and in the future.
Can be updated easily enough by non-techy people should the need arise.

What purpose will this website serve?
Will it be marketed online and on major social networks?
Is there a need for people to find it organically when typing in various search terms for the services your business offers?
How important is it overall to your users to use the website? Very or somewhat?
How much information will be on the website in terms of pages and content?
Will there be a need for SEO optimized content on some or all pages?
In terms of branding are there any guidelines we need to follow in terms of color choice and use of images or logos?
Animations are a trend right now; is it something you have seen or know of in case it's something you want? Basically, the animations in question are animated interactions throughout the site or on specific elements which add a certain flair or interactivity to the website.
Are there any other specific functionalities you want or would like recommendations on?
Will there be any type of payment capture like PayPal or Stripe integrations?
Will there be any other types of integrations needed such as live chat support or similar you can think of?

These are just some and are by no means in order simply because many of the conversations we have with prospects and clients tend to split into many directions when talking about their online presence. There are many things to consider and brainstorm.

I love delivering an outcome that aligns with the goals and expectations of the client. I do my very best to create the expectations that we will over deliver on design, usability, ongoing support, marketing efforts after launch, and everything in-between. I love being the person handling their baby so to speak. I treat it as if it were my own and have developed the highest of standards and perfection to give each client an edge in their respective markets.

I would have to say the interest in technology and software and how it can be a major boost to a business owner who by no fault of their own can't seem to get it to work for them. I've had my own pitfalls so I've been there and understand how that feels. I didn't start out being an expert. I merely made the mistake of doing it all on my own starting out until I found the right partners and mentors who guided me in the right direction. This change in thinking and action taking led me to where I am today. I can now confidently deliver an outcome to my clients without worry.

There's an old saying "If you think it costs a lot to hire an expert, in the end, it costs a lot more hiring an amateur."

I'm sure we've all had a similar experience when trying to save a few bucks here or there but never leave your online presence and brand to cheap workers. It's easy to do in the market we are in right now where you can find coders and designers overseas who will work for $5 an hour. But just ask yourself if it's worth it to put your online presence into the hands of this type of cheap work?

Go with the experts every time. We will save you time, your most precious asset.

You should hire me over other experts who may have better design work or have more projects because I'm a family man, I have 3 amazing daughters who mean the world to me. No intention on playing heart strings here but they need to be mentioned because it's why I do what I do, to provide them with things we can enjoy as a family.

Also, as I mentioned before, I set the highest standard in order to achieve the results my clients expect. I will treat you with respect no matter what and always have your best interests at heart.

My intention is to build something that will help you grow and increase revenue. After it's said and done and I've delivered the results I said I would, I know we will be partners for many years to come.


Over the last 7+ years, we’ve analyzed a ton of data to know what works and what doesn’t work in SEO. We’ve worked on over 100k campaigns – and it shows. We took everything we’ve learned and put it into our service. This service is the culmination of all our data, expertise, and experience.

You get a fully managed solution that combines our expertise, a powerful SEO strategy, awesome white hat link building, and premium content all with our best-in-the-business staff & support.

A beautiful website is an incredible piece of your marketing and can make you some serious profit. We can build custom and semi-custom websites in a variety of markets at comfortable budgets. Our custom websites start with our trained design team and move on to our skilled programming team to get your customers site up and running. While you are working on your business we will be working away on making your online presence look awesome.

If getting more calls with buyer intent interests you then get in touch. Maybe getting a specific type of call is more important than just getting more calls. If your goal is to work less by getting more higher paying jobs, this can be achieved. How much is it costing you NOT to have a paid traffic solution implemented as part of your digital marketing strategy? We can find out for you. Plans start at $650 and does not include ad spend. We require a minimum of $1k. This $1k budget goes directly to Google to serve your ad on their network.

What's included:
Your own dashboard so you can see all pertinent data as it relates to your campaign
Your own call tracking number so you know how many calls are being driven to your business. And you have the ability to listen to the calls!
Conversion tracking setup right the first time so you know the metrics on your campaign
Retargeting. We make sure to optimize this campaign for buyers who may be in the research phase and not the buying stage. So when the time is right they can't help but call you since they've been seeing your ads consistently week after week–trust me it works!

Come try us out, you'll be so happy you did. We bring you the results you desire because we know you'll be a customer for years to come.

Depending on how complex your want your message to be and depending on the offer this can be a relatively affordable tactic. However, if you seek a sales funnel then that's going to be pricier. The only way to find out is to schedule a call so we can find the right solution that fits your exact needs. There's really not a one size fits all approach when it comes to marketing on social media.

Facebook and Instagram are essentially using the same ad platform since Facebook owns Instagram. So, you can target by company and life events like targeting someone who just got married or got engaged. It's pretty powerful stuff.

We have services ranging from $100 per month all the way up to $1,500 per month. We'll just need to strategize what works best for you and give you a couple options. We'll make it simple and easy to choose from.

If you're local I can shoot your own video commercial for use on all the social network. My tools of choice are a DJI Osmo+ and DJI Mavic Pro. You can get some really amazing footage to promote your services with these awesome tools.

We'll edit the footage and add elements to make it stand out and make it look like a million dollar production!

Our work starts affordable at $1,500 depending on the length of the video, the number of locations and post production.

Let us know the details and we'll see how we can help.