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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


One of the biggest benefits I notice that clients get from our coaching together is examining whether the stories they tell themselves about themselves are actually true and valid for where they are now and where they want to go. Most of the time we as humans are very good at deceiving ourselves, especially about ourselves.

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9 December 2019

Life Coaching

Discovery call occured & coaching session arranged

29 January 2019

Coach Rasul has been my life coach for the last 3 months. The transformation that both myself and others have noticed in me are beyond belief for such a short amount of time. I originally sought out to work with coach Rasul to help me transition from a full-time employee to a “solo-penuer” as I launched my own company. I had no idea that the insight Rasul had to offer would also benefit me in areas of health/weight loss, marriage, relationships, spirituality, organization, confidence and (most importantly) happiness in my life. This is exactly why I love referring to Rasul as my “Life Coach”. The techniques he teaches can be applied to every single aspect of my life. It's mind blowing.

Rasul makes it so easy and comfortable to bring anything AND everything to the coaching session. There is never any judgment and believe me I’ve brought up some pretty touchy and intimate topics. Our coaching session is one of very few places that I can be 100% transparent. The brilliance in his coaching method is that, no matter what I bring up, he always has a positive perspective on how to achieve my desired outcome AND he has resources at hand to reinforce his teachings. Coach Rasul also makes himself available in between sessions just in case I have questions or get stuck. Even the quick "hey I did it!" (victory dance) is always welcomed. I feel cared about by Coach Rasul. I don’t think you can find that quality in every coach.

I would recommend Rasul's coaching services to anyone who looks at their current situation (no matter what it is) and says to themselves “I want better”. Plain and simple. Coach Rasul will help you make the changes to achieve “Better” and he will celebrate your victories with you every step of the way.

I am super excited to see what will be accomplished this year!!

Danielle L.

23 July 2018

Rasul knows his stuff! He was more than happy to reach out and provide guidance to me when I was seeking advice about kettlebell training. He cares about what he does as a wellness professional! More...

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23 July 2018

Rasul is a true inspiration! His compassion, listening skills, openness and willingness to help is just beaming from him! He is a master in what he does and a felt so honored to be coached by him!

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23 July 2018

Rasul knows how to help you tap into your most powerful self and will coach you to clarity, action, and purpose! He comes from his heart and is absolutely fun to work with!

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16 April 2018

At the beginning of this year, I was challenged with a tremendous amount of uncertainty in my life.  The only thing I was certain of is the need to become strong, mentally, physically, and emotionally, spiritually.  I intuitively knew that strength would prepare me for the unknowns and allow me to make good decisions in the months to come.  Enter Rasul!
We met by chance if you believe in chance and soon started working together.  Rasul helped me believe that I could and would get strong and that we could sort out some of the uncertainty, clear out some of the noise, and head toward a goal that fit me at this special time in my life.  I'm changing so much - it's easy to get overwhelmed and lost.  Instead, with his brilliant capacity for integrating what he hears, sees and senses, with what he knows from years experience and training, Rasul is helping me recognize the strength I already have, and how I can build that into the new person I want to be.  He is my teacher and my coach, my one-man cheering section, and my friend.  
Most importantly, I trust Rasul, and I know he believes in me.  He inspires me to work harder and to trust myself.  I am really grateful for the time we work together.

16 April 2018

* You made it clear I didn’t have to do this by myself.
* You convinced me to walk out of my comfort zone (I made it easier to decide to walk out of my comfort zone).
* Helped me become more self-directed and self-motivated.
* You gave practical advice.
* You provided leadership.
* By illuminating the worst case scenario, you took it’s power away, empowering me to move forward.
* Encouragement is your strength.
* You allowed me to go at my own pace and rhythm.
* Most people think they need to prepare before getting a coach and the truth is a coach will help you get your stuff together.
* You created a plan that customized for me.

16 April 2018

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  That’s how I would describe how I came to be a client of Rasul Davis.    Rasul supported me through a tumultuous time in my life holding a safe space for me to share deep fears, concern, hopes, and dreams.  As my life coach, he helped me get clear on what I wanted and offered me actionable wisdom that kept me on point.   Rasul taught me the power of vulnerability and self-compassion, which has transformed the area of relationship in my life.   I set out to experience more of three things in my life at the beginning of our work together:  Peace, Love, and Freedom.   I wanted to let go of resentment and fear.   Mission accomplished.   Through our weekly coaching sessions, with powerful questions, I became so much more conscious of my thinking and how I could change my outer world only when I truly changed my inner one.  My work with him in terms of what opened up for me personally was nothing short of a miracle in so many ways.   Rasul is a deep listener with a gigantic heart.  Rasul reminded me constantly in our work of my worthiness.   He was my teacher, coach, friend, spiritual guide and I am forever grateful.


The opportunity to watch and be part of people having amazing transformations right in the midst of our sessions. In today's world, we have access to so much information and actually, that is the problem. Many people don't know how to choose between many good options, but once they're clear on what's really important to them and why choices become a lot easier.

I could never seem to find my fit working for others and I always felt that something was wrong with me, when actually I just wasn't right for those cultures and environments. When I took personal responsibility for designing a life based on my core values, I was able to design a life that was custom fitted to me.

I not sure clients SHOULD choose me. I'm not a good fit for everyone. The foundation of my coaching practice is people taking personal responsibility for their experience in life (even the things that happen that we don't have control over). So for the people who realize that most of life we have no control over but are ready to control what they can (our attitudes and actions) are a great fit to coach with me. I found in my life and practice that when we are ready to get out of victimhood and blame, their lies freedom and expanded choices.