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LaQuita Simone aka Coach Q Simone is a Resilience & Divorce Recovery Coach.

Her Intuitive Coaching style guides clients on their journey to find their voice, increase self confidence and improve communication.

She also helps them navigate through separation and divorce with a clear road map, as they develop a new life and redefine their identity.

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23 March 2022

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Coach Q Simone LLC

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2 July 2020

Coach Q is honest and very approachable.

1 July 2020

She is very warm and inviting. She allows you to process your thoughts and express yourself freely. She has a keen and unique understanding of self. You are never made to feel that you are wrong. She’s all about feeling and processing your emotions and choosing and alternative method of reaction. Coach Q champions taking back control of your identity, knowing and growing in who you genuinely are. More...


My greatest pleasure comes from experiencing the moment a client has that 'aha' moment. It's often when he/she realizes that the power to improve their life, relationships, career, etc. has been within their reach all along. That's when I know their journey is about to truly begin.

In 2014, I started blogging as a way to cope with divorce after 11 years of marriage followed by the subsequent death of my Dad. Writing has always been therapeutic for me but for the first time I started to realize that other people were benefiting from my life experience. I began to gain a regular following and suddenly my eyes opened up showing me that I'd been coaching my friends and family even in the midst of my own chaos. In 2017, I had completely changed my mindset and my life. I married my "forever husband" and felt the true metamorphosis of breakdown to breakthrough to empowerment. So, in 2018, after 18 years in the Accounting field, I started my own coaching business. If there's one thing I know for sure it's that with the right mindset, strategies and coach/mentor, you can not only overcome just about anything but you can attract the life and people needed to enjoy the journey.

I'm an empathetic yet assertive coach and mentor. My strategies for coaching are to empower you with the tools and resources you need to live with clarity and purpose. I hold you accountable while being empathetic to the struggles you face.

I'm also a resource junky. I refer to myself as the "Progressive Insurance" of coaching. I pride myself on knowing the best tools and resources to help you even if that doesn't include me. So, my clients know that I will recommend books, videos, social media accounts, and yes even other coaches if that means you will have access to the most useful tool for you.

My coaching style is to help you make YOUR dreams a reality. I'm only a tour guide on your journey.

Currently, our services are offered via Zoom or telephone.

We are only offering virtual services at this time.


Negative emotions (e.g. anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt) when left unchecked wreak havoc on your life and interpersonal relationships. Often, those negative emotions are linked to some event in your life. How you learn to view those events and subsequent ones greatly impact your perception of current events.

Time Line Therapy is designed to help uproot the negative emotions linked to past events. On an unconscious level, you will then allow yourself to view other events in your life from an objective and positive viewpoint. Less invasive as some trauma therapy, Time Line Therapy is designed to empower you with strategies to effectively develop a growth mindset and approach even difficult circumstances with clarity and empowerment.

Choose from either (3) three or (5) five sessions of one-hour each. Together, we will develop a Time Line Therapy experience best suited for you.

📌 Losing Your Identity in Your Role in Your Marriage Is a Key Cause of Divorce (McNamee Mediations)

Whether you already feel like you’ve lost yourself or you’re terrified of losing yourself, it’s not too late to reconnect.

Reconnecting with your identity ( physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and desires) is absolutely necessary so that you are fully present in your relationship.

Tapping into your authentic identity also helps when the decision to separate or divorce is reached. Separation and divorce has long range emotional, physical, mental and spiritual ramifications.

Before the stress of a strained marriage or the divorce process wreaks complete havoc on your life and even your career, let’s take back your power to stand tall and forge the unknown with resiliency and purpose.

💡I help women increase their communication with self and others.

💡I help women in unhealthy relationships find their voice, increase self confidence and go from self awareness to self improvement.

Divorce has been likened to the death of a marriage.

You’ve spent years becoming one, so it’s no wonder that when you lose a spouse through divorce, you feel ripped apart. It’s been said that the hardest part isn’t losing your spouse, it’s trying to rebuild the part of you that left with them.

Do you feel stuck in confusion unsure of how to process the loss while trying to develop a new life and redefine your identity separate from the marriage?


📌 Divorce can disrupt your very sense of self and make the divorce process especially stressful. (Psychology Today)

📌 Divorce is recognized as the “second most stressful life event a person can experience, second only to death of a spouse. (Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale)

📌 When women divorce after age 50, standard of living plunges 45%. (Susan Brown, National Center for Family & Marriage Research)

📌 Managers underperform by 4.3% a year in the six months around a breakup, and continue to lag behind by 2.3% annually for up to two years after the divorce (Journal of Financial Economics)

As a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, I combine personal experience with strategy and technique to provide a personalized approach to emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

💡I provide women with a personalized transition plan to get you through the emotional disturbance of separation, divorce and recovery.
💡I help women explore possibilities as they redefine, rediscover and recreate their identity after experiencing divorce, chronic illness and starting over.