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Unique, counterintuitive, compassionate, non-judgmental, and upbeat approach to coaching. – We all get stuck at times. You may have felt the fear and anxiety of being stuck trying to figure out a problem, or how to take action on an opportunity.

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15 July 2022

Working with Clay Boykin did nothing short of transform my LIFE!!! I highly recommend him to anyone at any stage of their life. He is a patient and deep listener, never prods or hurries, and takes his time to really meditate on the situation before advising. His insights are brilliant, and my life took a valiant turn for the best the instant I employed his wisdom. I am so grateful for every minute I have spent with Clay. I have a greater confidence, understanding of self and the world around me, and dug deep with him to find the courage I needed to believe in myself and make the changes I needed to start the next chapter of my life. Wow!!! More...

14 July 2022

Over the past eight years Clay has helped me tremendously, both personally and professionally. His reframing exercises and life-mapping expertise, along with his intuitive and creative approach, has helped me gain fresh and unique perspectives with which to navigate through difficult and challenging life and business situations.

The time Clay has spent mentoring along side me has been invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend Clay for both individual and organizational executive level coaching and consulting. – Kirby Hiscox – VP Corporate Development – Austin, Texas

11 July 2022

Clay offers a unique and creative experience for self-growth. He is easy to talk to and very amenable to my schedule. If you're looking for something different and effective, you can't go wrong with Clay

10 July 2022

Working with Clay Boykin as a coach is a rich and self-actualizing experience. His methodology begins where the client is and then through mind-mapping the client's heart and mind, the client awakens to a grounded understanding of self. As a result, I feel self-empowered, strong, calm and invigorated to be myself in both my professional and personal life. The results have been tremendous for me and provided me with immediate success. More...

9 July 2022

Clay has been and will probably continue to be a terrific coach for me. He has deeply rooted structure from his own life and work, along with the capacity to tune in deeply to where I am at any time. ..and to go from there, with steps that guide me further and deeper into my future. More...

8 July 2022

It is awe-inspiring working with Clay as he navigates the new frontier In Search of The New Compassionate Male. Clay's vulnerability, wisdom, and reverence for the sacred in all, is critically necessary at this time in the history of our world. His careful approach with people through his coaching practice and in his personal/business relationships invites us all to explore the true nature of who we are so that we can be in our authentic integrity, a condition that cannot be underestimated or undervalued in what it means to co-create a world that works for everyone.
Sande Hart
Author of The Liminal Odyssey and President of S.A.R.A.H. (The Spiritual And Religious Alliance for Hope)

8 July 2022

I have known Clay for over ten years but only in the last two years have I engaged him on a monthly basis for business/life coach consulting. He is not only a great sounding board for my strategic business planning but he has also helped bring structure to a busy life that has me bouncing all of the country. I think a lot about maximizing life, how do you do it without over doing it? How do you avoid becoming a prisoner of your possessions or spread too thin? How do you avoid burnout, find a balance or maybe a work/life rhythm? Clay's solution involves active listening, mind mapping and reflective analysis. Clay is gifted at bringing these together and making order of a busy life. And there is tremendous value there. I have run many ideas and plans by him with the ultimate question being, can I pull this off? He has helped me answer that question many times now. I have great respect for Clay and grateful for the guidance he has provided me. More...

8 July 2022

Clay has been a mentor and life coach to me for 8 years. His gentle approach, rooted in wisdom, intuition and wholeheartedness, has helped me traverse some of life’s deepest challenges as well some daily decisions. Clay is a great listener and will help you get to the root of your challenges and effectively guide you in growing, in a better understanding, and in moving forward. More...

7 July 2022

Clay has a way of guiding you through your own mind. He simultaneously helps you find peace with where you are and a path for where you want to be. After conversations with Clay, I find myself leaning on what we’ve talked about faaar beyond the conversation itself. You can expect Clay to be an active listener and guide you to and advocate for the most authentic path forward for YOU. Clay brings light, wisdom, and love without fail. He will naturally help you find your compassion for yourself and therefore, for others. I am so thankful for the space and time we’ve shared. It continues to impact me greatly! More...

6 July 2022

Clay has been a mentor and guide for me in business and in my personal life for nine years. He is the most conscious, supportive and compassionate person. He has changed my life deeply multiple times in the very best ways. He is the real deal! More...

6 July 2022

Clay Boykin has lived and prospered through some of life's most difficult tests, He brings his empathy and brilliance to his clients and sees them through growth tests that result in true and powerful success.

6 July 2022

My life and perspectives changed in working with Clay Boykin. He helped me to find solutions that I so needed to leverage my talents and aspirations. Clay's methodology is unique and he guided me to actionable insights that have made such a difference. Just give Clay a try and you will see what I mean. You will be so happy you did. More...


It is always gratifying to work side-by-side with my clients as they discover new purpose and meaning, get unstuck, and begin to move forward again in life.

Helping others grow has been a constant theme throughout my career as a servant leader, spiritual coach, prayer chaplain, men's network founder/facilitator, gender equity and reconciliation facilitator, Marine Corps Officer, and business professional.

I believe we all carry wounds that stand in our way at times in our lives. That is our common ground. Because of this, I approach my work with compassion and non-judgment. Simply put, I care.

Most certainly, via ZOOM, or phone. Because I have clients in several places in the world, my phone is on 24/7 and I take ZOOM appointments at all hours.

I postponed my in-person work in Africa and I immediately moved to ZOOM. To serve my clients and followers I launched the podcast, In Search of the New Compassionate Male, where I interview both women and men on the overarching topic of raising compassion consciousness in the world, especially in men.


We all get stuck at times. You may have felt the fear and anxiety of being stuck trying to figure out a problem, or how to take action on an opportunity. Or you may be feeling stuck with life in general, or maybe it’s your organization that is struggling. It’s certainly no fun and the last thing you want is for someone to try to fix you with some formulaic, multistep, one-size-fits-all, process.
I believe we have the answers within and my role in coaching you is to create a safe space in which to access those answers, awaken your true self, and help you get unstuck.