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You deserve a therapist that is well trained in your life experience. I focus exclusively on grief, fertility issues, and new parenting support. We all are impacted by challenges throughout life. Sometimes, life is more intense than ever expected.

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I get to see folks feel better. Everyone has their own definition of what "better" may be for them. We all have coping strategies that we've used and worked for other tough times in our lives. For some reason, they may not be as effective this time. I love helping people see that they do have strengths, they can make it though this tough time, and that there is living during and after this struggle.

There are few specialists in the areas of grief, fertility/infertility and new parenting issues. I had struggled with my own family building and personal losses and knew the value of quality support. When it became apparent that my referrals to others were offering a more general approach, I knew it was time for me to offer my services for these specific situations.

I am truly myself with you. I am honest and still warm. I offer professional and personally informed care. I am not a generalist - I am a specialist in the areas of grief, fertility concerns and that tender transition into and through parenthood. Folks do graduate from counseling with me and do return when another issue arises. I genuinely care and my clients know that.


Chartreuse Center offers specialized counseling for infertility and fertility concerns. 1 in 8 couples are touched by a fertility issue. Though more people are becoming open about their family building struggles, many folks continue to cope alone. Fertility concerns touch many aspects of living including love relationships, friendships, work, spirituality, body image, compounded losses, overall trust in self, lifestyle changes and invasive medical treatments, just to name a little bit of what it all entails.

Topics of counseling include, though not limited to:
❤︎ improving coping with treatments and compounded losses,
❤︎ next steps through treatments,
❤︎ embryo adoption and third party reproduction,
❤︎ adoption or foster parenting,
❤︎ living child free,
❤︎ transitioning from treatment through pregnancy after successful treatment
❤︎ grief and loss due to unsuccessful treatment, miscarriage or discontinuing treatment.

We grieve in all sorts of ways beyond emotions... Our body may ache or we may question our faith or our relationships change or we may feel we are walking around with mental fog... Chartreuse Center offers specialized counseling for those that are grieving after the death of a loved one, miscarriage or still birth, or are caregiving for another with a life limiting illness.

As with other changes in our lives, pregnancy and new parenting has it's set of challenges. Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD) issues arise during pregnancy through the first year post delivery. ADDITIONALLY, PMAD can be experienced by women and men, single parents, LGBTQ parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and parenting grandparents. It's important to recognize that adding a child (of any age) into the family is a significant adjustment.

The first year of grief is one of the most difficult times in life. There are so many life adjustments on top of longing and missing your loved one. The First 52 is your friend in grief as you navigate this new way of living. There are options to begin the program within the first weeks, 3 months or 6 months after your loss.

Visit www.First52.live for information regarding the First 52 online program.