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Carole Phillips, Certified Personal Trainer

Santa Monica, California, Los Angeles

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I provide in-home personal training. I bring the gym to you and you get fit and have fun. I specialize in women over 35 that want to stay healthy, lose weight and/or start an exercise program or take their current program to the next level.


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Working out with a personal trainer is the fastest and most effective method for improving your health and achieving your fitness goals, the benefits of working with me:
*No excuses! Flexible hours and location, whatever fits your schedule. Personal Training can be done any time and any place at your convenience. I will come to your home, meet you at your office or your gym, in the park, on the beach or any place that works for you. We can work out in the morning, evening, during the day, weekdays or weekends. Also, you can workout alone or share your workouts with a friend to get the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost.
*A personalized program that works for you. I create your program and you show up for a fun workout, it's that simple! I will work with you to create an exercise program tailored to your likes and dislikes, your goals, your fitness level and abilities, your schedule and your lifestyle. After an initial consultation, you will be guided step-by-step through a workout designed to deliver fast results.
*You work with a fitness partner. What could be better than a fitness partner who makes sure you stay on track and who cares about your progress? Achieving fitness goals on your own isn’t easy. I monitor your progress and adjust the program so that it grows with you as you advance and your needs change.
*I will keep you motivated. I help you stay committed to your fitness program and work with you to overcome mental blocks that have held you back in the past. If your workouts aren't challenging enough, you risk getting bored and then losing interest altogether. And when you perform the same routine over and over again, your body starts running on cruise control and you notice that the scale isn't budging.

A well-rounded program consisting of:
Resistance Training
I will design a program to sculpt that body you’ve always dreamed of, to strengthen and tone your muscles and to help you lose weight.

Cardiovascular Exercise
Aerobic workouts burn a lot of calories and fat along with keeping you heart-healthy. I will inspire you to keep going and I will never let you get bored! We'll talk, we'll joke, I'll urge you on and we’ll do something different every day.

Functional Training: Flexibility & Balance
Your sessions will include a series of stretching and toning exercises focused on increasing flexibility, improving posture and balance, elongating muscles and expanding range of motion. You will stand a little taller, you will notice less back pain/discomfort and you will find that you sit with better posture--without even thinking about it.

Weight Loss, Diet & Nutrition
To get the most from your training program you have to pay attention to your diet. Over the course of a month, I will completely change your lifestyle and eating habits to achieve maximum results. The program starts with a lifestyle questionnaire and a nutrition assessment. You will keep a food diary that includes time and location of eating, portion sizes (everything will be weighed), food combinations (i.e starches with protein) and how you felt at the time you ate. I evaluate all of this information for calorie count, nutrition value, eating patterns and diet-busting triggers. Based on the results of this analysis, an individualized diet program will be designed to achieve your weight loss goals. I will show you what to buy and what not to buy at the supermarket, teach you to read nutrition labels and create an eating and exercise program for healthy weight loss--slow, planned, achievable and lasting weight loss.

I love helping people reach their goals and knowing that I'm helping them get healthy.

I have been where you are! I had to lose the weight I gained after pregnancy and again as I aged.
I spent many years working 24/7 in the corporate world and had to find the time to exercise and the will-power to resist all the "treats" around the office. I did it so I know that IT CAN BE DONE and I can help you do it!!

I offer reasonable rates, fast results, flexible hours anywhere you choose, workouts tailored to your likes, fitness level, schedule and lifestyle. I have delivered results with athletes, house wives & business women, each with their own goals, lifestyles & abilities.