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Granger, IN

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The Services I offer:

- Online Bodyweight Training Coaching
- Online Weight Lifting Coaching
- Fat Loss and Daily Nutrition Coaching
- Mindset Coaching and Goals Reflection

What This Company Does that others Don't:

- Extensive Coaching on a lot of (Rarely Taught) Bodyweight Exercises that anyone can start doing.

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My Clients achieve their fitness goals through:

- The Workout Programs I have designed specifically for them

- Maintaining a Bulletproof Mindset (Which I also teach them)

- Understanding and Applying the Workout Principles that I teach them; (such as: Strength Training, Hypertrophy Training, Deload Training, Rest/Recovery, as well as Sleep and Nutrition.

The secrets of creating the Body of Your Dreams are:

- Training with enough Intensity and Volume to elicit a muscular change.

- Maintaining an Anabolic State during Recovery days; (being in Caloric Surplus; applies to those wanting to build muscle mass).

- Maintaining a Caloric Defecit (if your goal is to lose weight).

- Staying Consistent with your Program.

- Getting consistent and Enough Sleep.

- Having a Bulletproof Mindset to succeed!

I truly enjoy watching my clients achieve their goals. (Whatever goals they may have).

The feeling of seeing my clients succeed in their training inspires me to keep doing what I'm doing every single day!

I convinced myself that the message I wanted to spread (and the services I offer) should be monetized and spread through my own image.

I offer knowledge, experience, specific program customization for the clients, exercise demonstrations in real time, and constant support and positivity throughout your journey!

I currently only offer Online services (via Online Zoom Meetings).

- Subscription Purchase of my Coaching Services are currently only available on my Business Website.

- I always send out an email (including the Zoom Session Meeting Link) 30 minutes prior to every Coaching Session.

Due to the COVID-19 Measures; I have decided to only offer Online Services.

This ensures that clients can workout from home (with little to no required equipment).

- However if your goal is to lift weights as well; some equipment will be required.


Online (Zoom) Coaching Session with me (Weekly).

- You are welcome to choose 1 session per week; and a maximum of 3 sessions per week (per client).
- The First Coaching Session is always goal setting and an introductory session to your Workouts.

- Subscription Purchase of My Coaching is Available on my Business Website: https://www.canvascalisthenics.com/store-1-1

- (Coaching hours are displayed on my Website as well).