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With as many DOG trainers available today, it’s hard to get NOTICED IN THR CROWD. This industry, is known to have one of the widest ranges of skill set across its professionals. We carry the same credentials as any ?dog trainer out there,BUT WHAT DO YOU WANT TO LOOK FOR IN A DOG TRAINER?

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9 August 2021

Thanks for your help Eddie!! I normally never leave reviews but this time I had to! I don’t know what we would have done without you! ! Like I told you, we went to 3 different trainers (which was not cheap) and none of them came close to what you did. So simple, I never looked at dogs like I do now and am really grateful! THANKS! More...

9 August 2021

Ok, I’ve had some doubts since he doesn’t come off as a dog trainer at all, but wow! In the first 5 mins of meeting Charlie ( my beagle pup) he had complete control of him and already was a totally different dog! We went with the board and train fo a week and I could not believe the progress… Eddie delivered as promise and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone with a naughty pup! He can help you! More...


I am currently working from home and plan to for the rest of my career. Aside from dog training, I am self-employed as a Equities Day Trader. Fortunately, working in this field allows me the freedom to enjoy and endeavor on other passions, such as dog training. I work from 7:30am - 9:00am Mon-Fri, so the rest of the day I have plenty of time to train your dog!

I've always had a passion and love for animals in general but wolves specifically. I remember I was helping a family member train their 2 dogs, and it just clicked to me, that I could literally speak with dogs. I can understand and decipher what they are saying at any given moment. I'm sure everyone would feel they could talk to dogs in some degree, but for myself, I always imagined a dog talking like how humans do, however, the way they perceive the world and even how they communicate, is so far from how we talk to each other, that most dog training issues are based off that assumption alone.

I can provide all sorts of training or troubleshooting with your dogs, However, my main focus is board and training. For best results, I require a one on one with your dog to fully understand how to communicate with him/her. I specialize in the foundation of a good behavioral management and obedience. I will install, good fundamentals for your pets but cannot stress enough how important it is for the handler to understand fundamentals as well. Most dog trainers are in the field because they truly have a passion for wanting to help or guide misunderstood dogs. In my case, there is no exception!


Training dogs with a specific focus on certain behavior or traits. Some may include, aggression, fear, insecurity, fixation on inanimate objects, manners, etc..

Weekly program, focusing on dog manners, basic commands, and custom programs. We take the dogs into the trainers home, in our experience, this has the best results.

Daily, Weekly, or one time dog walking services. By appointment only and no refunds. We can also incorporate training sessions as well.

We will train your dog either in the convenience of your home, the trainer's home, or out at a local park. There we focus on custom training regimes, and/or issues. For best results, consistency and follow up appointments produce the best.

DO NOT LOSE HOPE OR FAITH IN YOUR DOG! We can help! For those with extreme issues or problems with their dog, we take special care and focus on finding the root of the cause. Our approach may seem unconventional, however, when it comes to dog psychology, all common and advanced theories are tested and tried until we reach success.