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California logo designs

Cambridge, Massachusetts

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6 customer reviews

4 October 2022

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11 February 2022

I have built trust with a lot of people in my life. This company is not the way to do it you know why because I have been waiting for over a year yes this year! The representative that speaks to you they are just the middleman it is the boss or the policy over a California logo I think. People who know me know that I am a pretty direct person and pretty patient. If this company can wear me out out days on and off the phone and telling me that I need to invest more in this and that and they're taking bits and pieces away but This company is so in denial there is no policy for their clients it's to drag it out and make sure they take money from your bank account or credit credit card very bad experience for me. If anybody wants to do business with this with this logo company please look at the reviews because I'm not the only one going through this at all. They will refuse to reimburse you and always try to try to put out the fire at the at the current moment. As cash Payton clans it's we have the right to get reimbursed if they are not being reasonable and not owning up as a company to need to assist other people in Web design. If I could go back I would never have started out we started out with this company at all at all my honest opinion don't do it don't do it don't do it don't do it save your money and you could probably do a way nicer job a nicer job doing it on your own. More...

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2 October 2021

The service is very unprofessional. I’ve been waiting for product I paid for but have not gotten it yet. They continue to give me the run around. I ask for a refund with no response. I will be seeking legal action More...

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2 June 2021

We have been trying, for months, to get our site up and running. If we don’t have something in the next forty-eight hours, we are involving our attorney. We have worked with Jonathan and Liza. More...

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13 November 2020

They are outstanding!! I just received my 10 logo concepts and wow they did an amazing job. It has been way harder to pick my favorite than I ever imagined. They are a talented group. Thanks ???? More...

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11 November 2020

I’ve been working with Jonathan D’Souza on a simple logo for about a month now. I gave a few concepts for him to pick from and none looked professional enough for me. I asked for a refund instead he said I owed more money for the work he did! Granted all the samples looked the same except the font. I can pull up an app and throw a picture on words myself. We hire companies to make a simple logo stand out. I do not recommend using this company at all! Very unprofessional, took weeks just to get something made off of a flyer app. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.. You will be disappointed! More...

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